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Interested in tax relief specialists in Los Angeles, CA? Below are some testimonials of our clients. We help with wage garnishment, tax problems and more. Contact us for help today.

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by Dennis I, New Mexico on Tax Relief Systems

I am a state employee and my credit is very important to me. My wife and I have been trying to buy a home but unable to because of our credit and other obstacles. I decided we needed help resolving our problems so that we could move forward with our dream.I hired a tax firm before in the past and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I spoke with a representative from Tax Relief Systems and he explained to me that the settlement was base on my collect ability and what I could pay. It all started to make sense. I was getting a lot of notices from the IRS so I decided to put my faith in their company . My debt had risen to $23,000 but Tax Relief got a settlement for less than $1,500 and the State agreed to a reasonable repayment plan that I can live with.My family and I are looking for our new home and could not be happier we made the right choice contacting Tax Relief Systems.

by James on Tax Relief Systems

Tax Relief Systems Saved My day!I woke up one morning and checked my business checking account and to my surprise the IRS levied my account leaving me with nothing to run my business or pay my employees. One call to Tax Relief Systems and within 24hrs my money was released and the resolution team went to work on negotiating my debt. The IRS was claiming that I owed over 150k, the attorney at Tax Relief Systems was able to settle for just under 30k and I am able to pay it off over 3 years. I highly recommend this company! They are fast, reliable and are very knowledgeable in tax law and tax payer rights. JamesI will send more Friday . I want this upHave A Happy Thanks GivingThanks Tony

by Linda DelPin on Tax Relief Systems

I would like to say that I was very impressed with Richard Lococo and his staff show a professionalism patience and kindness that he has shown in helping me get my taxes in order.Thank U

by Jose E, Los Angeles, CA on Tax Relief Systems

I contacted Tax Relief Systems in 2011 and spoke with one of their consultants. I explained to him that I was being garnished by the IRS and that I have not filed a tax return in 10 years. I am a decorated War Vet living in a trailer with a couple of old cars and my Military Retirement was being garnished. Right away their representative got the IRS on the phone released my levy.The amount I owed was over $100,000 dollars but when Tax Relief Systems was done it was reduced to less than $3,000 dollars and a lot of the work at the end they did pro bono.Thank You Tax Relief Systems