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Tax Relief Minnesota

Minnesota is listed as the 3rd highest state income tax at 9.85% in 2015.  In 2016, Minnesota dropped to Number 8, but its tax rate rose to 10.8%.   That is a mixed bag for the average citizen.  There are 7 more states collecting higher state income tax but 10.8% is a lot of money.  The tax burden is very tough and falling behind or owing more than one can afford is very troubling.  Minnesota residents have lived with worse, but the IRS is still frightening and persistent.  The IRS will continue pursuing you to collect the money they deem they are owed.  Their tactics are plenty and they will use every method at their disposal. The process starts with a standardized formal letter of notification.

The receipt of this letter sends chills and fear.  Many people begin acting in fear and anger, while worry sweeps in.  How are you going to handle the stress and your responsibilities, when the IRS has inserted themselves in your life?  Options are available but you have make the call. You need the help of an experienced team.  Each option has many steps and must be completed correctly. Tax Relief Systems can help you make sure all requests and submissions are made in a timely manner and completed correctly before submission. One of our experienced attorneys will sit down one on one with you, evaluate and discuss your situation. We understand your situation is unique and is more than the specific issue defined by the Internal Revenue Service. We can look at many options from settlement to payment plans.  Our team of highly skilled experts will inform you of the most desirable and cost effective option available. Our services include:

  • File an amended tax return
  • Interpret your tax liability
  • Protect you from IRS error, abuse, and intimidation
  • Bring you back into legal compliance
  • Deal with an IRS lien or levy and help to get them released
  • Help settle and resolve your tax issue through programs set up to help you
  • Set up a properly structured payment plan limiting penalties in the future

We are here to help all Minnesota residents who have been affected by the unlucky situation of being in debt to the federal government. Tax Relief Systems is the one company you can trust to represent you.  Our team is dependable, efficient, and focused on helping you find resolution. We are the premier tax company in Minnesota. We will fight for every right you have and get the settlement you deserve. From complicated tax levies to burdensome wage garnishments, Tax Relief Systems has not found an issue it cannot resolve.

Call our team in Minnesota today.  Please don’t procrastinate, we are patiently waiting for you, unless you just want to fill out our online form and let us reach out to you.

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