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With years of industry experience, Tax Relief Systems has perfected a distinctive approach to achieving positive tax settlements.

Our goal is to provide the best possible resolution for each client, addressing a wide range of tax issues, from business payrolls to tax returns. Count on our rapid and professional solutions, backed by our passion, experience, and knowledge. We offer top-tier representation services at cost-efficient prices, allowing you to relax as we resolve your IRS debt.

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Resolving Tax Challenges

Discover Tailored Solutions for Successful Tax Settlement

Tax Relief Systems offers a comprehensive suite of premier solutions designed to meet the highest standards and ensure successful tax settlement.

Our services encompass IRS liens, business payrolls, late tax returns, bank levies, state taxes, installment negotiations, audit representation, income trimming, compromise offerings, innocent spouse cases, and penalty abatements. Let’s explore a few of these services to provide you with a clearer understanding of the solutions we offer.

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Discover our simplified process for tax resolution, designed to guide you smoothly through every step.

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Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your tax issues, our skilled professionals will initiate direct negotiations with the IRS on your behalf.

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Inspiring success stories

Real Stories of Tax Resolution Success

I was in debt with IRS needed assistance. I called Tax Relief Systems LLC and they were professionals from the start. Tax relief specialist Joseph Benfatti was excellent. He was able get my debt of $12,000 with IRS in non-collectable and stop any payroll garnishments and penalties that IRS was trying opposed. Tax Relief Systems LLC gave me and my wife fresh start on life. Thank you Tax Relief for outstanding work!! Greatly appreciate it!!

Joseph Smith

Omaha, Nebraska

This is just a summary of how tax relief systems saved my day . i really had gotten behind in my taxes i searched until i found the right tax attorneyi. I was several years and some months behind. so i reached out to him and asked if he could help me. in which he did so now i have to phone calls, or garnishment letters. i really want to thank mr. benfatti for all his help. and yes i would use him again. so thank you mr. joseph benfatti, for a job well done. very happy with the way things turned out.

kenneth harris

Chicago, Illinois

They have been great to work with since the day I called them . Very friendly and quick to get back to me and the best thing is that they give you a price and that’s what it is . I probably couldn’t say enough good things about them and consider them my friend after a 3+ year relationship. Thanks tax relief.

Ryan Doyle

West Jordan, Utah

I reached out to Joseph earlier this year due to tax issues my boyfriend was having. I was a little hesitant at first after he told me where they were located, but I told myself it doesn’t hurt to risk things at times. Especially since the State and the IRS was already being very aggressive with my boyfriend. Joseph assured me he would work on getting everything taken care of, and he did just that! Heather was assigned to our case and she did an amazing job! We are now on a manageable payment plan with the IRS and will be all set with the State soon.

Rennay and Thomas

Bay Shore, New York

I have used Tax Relief systems for the past 3 years and have never been happier. IRS was fixing to take my bank account my property and garnish any wages and Income. TRS helped me wipe out 80% of my debt to the IRS. Also set me up on a system of payments I could make without starving myself. They care about their clients more than anyone I have ever talk to. I can honestly say they did miracles for me. Do not listen to the sales pitch of other tax companies. I recommend them 100%.


Houston, Texas

I would like to thank Joe, Jeff, nd all the staff for being there helping me with my situation amazing people staff very professional always willing to work to resolve my situation and achieved it.  I’m very thankful and blessed to have such a support network on my side thank you again, on a business level and also on a personal level, amazing people thank you . On a scale of 1-10, they are a 100 for taking care of you and making sure your worry free blessed … recommend them 100% give them a 10 star rating

Mario Lopez

Bakersfield, California

I cannot express enough thanks for Joe Benfatti with Tax Relief Systems for taking my case with the IRS. I have been trying to handle it on my own since 2014, owing $17,000+ to the IRS, things took a turn for the worse. After numerous conversations with the IRS I realized after all this time of me trying to do the right thing I was in way over my head. I started researching attorneys online that night and I found TRS. My case was resolved today (2019) and I’m smiling for the first time in a long time.

Debbie Davis

Norfolk, Virginia

Thank you Joe. I know from my heart you’re an Angel sent to me from God to help me. You are the greatest. I think everyone one should know you. You always make me feel at ease and calm when we talk to the IRS. You always talk to me like I’m your friend and not just another bothersome person. You always have answers for me and I know working with you it will be ok. Thank you Joe. You are My Angel from Heaven.

Valori Segura

Colorado Springs, Colorado

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