Burbank, California business owners know there are more entities and agencies looking for their portion of the revenue generated by their company. Have you heard of or dealt with The Board of Equalization or Franchise Tax Board? Either way, these agencies were designed to collect tax revenue as instructed by the laws and code of the State of California. To understand better your obligation and directives of each, we must examine who they are and their direct purpose.

Board of Equalization Burbank

The Board of Equalization has been tasked to collect taxes and fees for the State of California and local governments. So far, they have been very effective collecting nearly $53 billion annually. Specifically, the California State Board of Equalization is charged with administering sales tax, use tax, and property tax. The majority of the Board of Equalization interactions are in the form of the administration and collection of sales taxes. Sales tax affects every business and must be a considered as part of your business functions because sales tax is focused on every business transaction in California and Burbank. Sales taxes are imposed on businesses and individuals for the privilege of selling goods. Sales tax is calculated by determining a business’s gross receipts minus any non-taxable sales. The Board of Equalization in California has several thousand employees directly hired to collect unpaid sales and use taxes as well as perform and administer sales/use tax audits.

Has your Burbank business been notified or directly contacted regarding an impending California sales tax audit?
California sales tax issues, for your Burbank business involving the Board of Equalization, can be exceptionally difficult for taxpayers and business owners to handle without the involvement of an experienced sales tax attorney. The Board of Equalization tends to take a rather aggressive approach when dealing with taxpayers and in collecting revenue. The Tax Relief Systems Burbank team of attorneys experienced in sales tax audits can represent you providing protection and realistic expectations. In advance of any audit, we can provide a comprehensive guide that will teach you what to expect and how to protect your business.

What Can Tax Relief Systems do to Help my Burbank Business?

First and foremost, Tax Relief Systems will become your partner and begin taking protective steps. Additionally, Tax Relief Systems is well-versed in dealing with the Board of Equalization. Our approach is friendly, but no-nonsense underlining with the Board of Equalization. We strategically design a clearly focused vision coupling resolution with client outcome needs. The need for an experienced sales tax attorney, in cases dealing with the Board of Equalization, is a necessity not a luxury.

Franchise Tax Board Burbank

On the flip side of sales tax, there is the state income tax imposed on every taxpayer, both individually and commercially. If you are a taxpayer or a business in Burbank, California, you are required to pay state income tax. Unfortunately, issues paying it arises. The collection of state income tax is the sole responsibility of the State of California Franchise Tax Board. The California Franchise Tax Board is responsible for administering the state’s personal income tax program, as well as the corporate tax program. Normally, individual taxpayers and businesses file their income tax returns, make payment of individual state taxes due, and settle any individual state tax-related disputes with the Franchise Tax Board. As with the IRS, state tax issues have a way of becoming overwhelming and having a trusted expert on your side can extremely help. If you are facing problems paying California State taxes, there are solutions. Solutions ranging from filing an extension to an installment agreement. However, if you cannot pay your taxes in full, we can work to find a resolution that is in your best interest. In rare cases, the Franchise Tax Board will consider an Offer in Compromise.

Some Burbank business owners and taxpayers are already in the crosshairs of the California Franchise Tax Board for back taxes, by either a levy, wage garnishment, seizure, or suffering from the filing of a state tax lien. When you neglect to file, the California Franchise Tax Board file a substitute return for you and then submit tax liens as necessary. The assessments may be incorrectly calculated, which is extremely common. A Tax Relief Systems tax attorney remedy the problem. We will not whitewash it; the Franchise Tax Board can be very difficult to deal with. Do not go it alone. Our Burbank experienced tax attorneys will work diligently on your behalf in direct negotiation with the California Franchise Tax Board, to arrive at a resolution that results in you getting your life back.

Call our Burbank team today to discuss your Board of Equalization or Franchise Tax problem today! You and your Burbank business are not alone and there is no reason to interact with either agency without exceptional representation. You need help NOW, you need someone experienced in the strategies of California tax trench warfare. Call our Burbank team today and get the help you need (424)264-5854!

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