Getting Help to Resolve IRS Debt Relieves Stress.  It Is What We Do for  Santa Monica CA Taxpayers.

The IRS has corresponded with you, either by the standard notification letter or has personally visited your office.  Have you experienced this?  If so and you live in Santa Monica CA, then you need help with IRS Debt.

The most frequent issue taxpayers face is the Tax Debt they owe, and they need help to deal with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  Occasionally, a discrepancy between you and IRS appears and it needs to be resolved or maybe you are behind in filing past tax returns.  Remember, while you procrastinate tax penalties, and interest is piling up making your ability to pay harder.

Who Can You Trust and Rely On, in Santa Monica, for Help with IRS Debt?

Tax Relief Systems, LLC is the premier provider of tax resolution services for Santa Monica taxpayers who can help with daunting IRS Debt.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is difficult to work with and will work only in their interest.  Never deal with the IRS by yourself.  Tax Relief Systems can help in resolving numerous tax problems whether personal or business. When you call, one of our experienced tax professionals will walk you through all available options.

We have a comprehensive assortment of IRS debt relief solutions to fit any unique tax situation. The tax laws are complex, and the IRS can be extremely hard to deal with, therefore it is greatly recommended you work with a licensed tax professional, preferably the best in the industry, Tax Relief Systems.

If you’re like most, you are not sure what solution is best for you, what solution you may qualify for, or you don’t have the time to work with the IRS or your state directly, we can help by you simply requesting a free consultation. (424)264-5854

IRS Programs Designed to Help with IRS Debt – Santa Monica

The IRS has established tax specific programs to address the majority of tax problems Santa Monica taxpayers face.  These programs will help with your IRS debt and if program directives are correctly followed, then you will be back in good standing. After your consultation, we will provide a few recommended programs, but will need to do further research to determine which option is the best fit for your financial situation.

One option is a simple payment plan.  When a taxpayer cannot pay the amount due in full, the IRS has allowed for a payment plan to be considered.  All penalties and interest still apply.  However, you will have a payment that will not break your budget and will be over a specified period.

Another program that has been specifically set up for taxpayers who are unemployed or underemployed.  If you cannot make a payment because you are unemployed or underemployed, you can request what is known as “uncollectible status.” This is the program the IRS uses to freeze the collection account. The agency ceases any attempts to enforce collection to give you time to get back on your feet financially.

Several other programs may fit your financial needs that have not been mentioned.  Tax Relief Systems is on your side. We understand the stress and anxiety and we want to help.

Benefits of Getting Help with Santa Monica IRS Debt

Like the majority of programs, there are positives and negatives to receiving IRS Tax Debt Help.

The following list of benefits may not apply to all Santa Monica tax relief program but are present in most:


  • The government cannot garnish your wages if you do not ignore your debt.
  • You could pay less than you owe removing some pressure off that heavy tax burden and enabling you to pay off your debt quicker.
  • Removal of liens. Any liens would be removed from county records. This is a harsh tactic by the IRS and removing a lien on your property is a huge burden lifted.


  • The IRS can dig into all your past and present financial matters, where they can review information such as current and past bank accounts, credit cards, property, and business ownership. Do not exaggerate, the IRS can see everything.
  • Processing time is awfully slow and could take as long as one year before approval. What this means is if you are not approved then your additional penalties and interest will be added in and still owed.

What is the Next Step to Help with IRS Debt? – Santa Monica

Know what your problem is but do not know the best solution? Picking up the phone and contacting the Tax Relief Systems Santa Monica team is the first step to a new future.  Our team of experienced tax professionals will work with you to formulate a plan of attack to help with your unique tax problem.  Call us today at (424)264-5854

We know this is a lot of information. If you want to be 100% confident that you do this the right way, your best choice is to work with an experienced tax relief attorney, who lives in the Santa Monica area.  We will work with you to help you navigate each step of the process and ensure that you file all the correct paperwork, and your rights are protected.

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