Redondo Beach Tax Debt Relief

If you’re in the market for tax resolution, IRS tax settlement and IRS tax debt relief in Redondo Beach, then look no further.  You have stumbled upon Redondo Beach’s best kept secret.  Tax Debt Relief Redondo Beach.  You have located the most dependable tax debt relief service provider in Redondo Beach.  Tax Relief Systems can offer you the necessary tax resolution services to reduce and possibly eliminate your tax debt without risking your financial security.  If the money you owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or state of California is due to a back-tax problem, IRS tax debt, unpaid State and Federal taxes, unfiled tax returns, late filings or IRS tax audit issues, then you can finally receive tax debt relief.  Our goal, as a Redondo Beach tax debt relief company, is to assist our clients in negotiating the most favorable solution for your situation and place you on a firm financial foundation.

If you need tax resolution, need to settle your taxes, or want a solution to your mounting tax debt by obtaining tax debt relief, then Tax Relief Systems is the team for you.   If you want a good resolution, do not handle your IRS negotiations without the help of one of our highly experienced professionals.  Your tax debt already has penalties and interest and if you settle incorrectly then you could pay drastically more or result in other unforeseen problems.  Remember, the IRS agents are not your friend.  They have been trained to collect tax that are due by any means necessary, even if it means not being nice.  A wrong move could mean imprisonment in extreme cases. As you do not understand the tax law and technicalities of the tax resolution process, it is better to hire a professional tax representative to help you handle your tax resolution process.  Tax Relief Systems has tax attorneys on staff and tax professionals that deal with the IRS daily.   Call Now (424)264-5854

When you hire Tax Relief Systems, we can immediately look for Redondo Beach tax debt relief for you to:

  • End IRS wage garnishment
  • Stop tax levy, bank levy, and property seizure
  • Remove tax liens
  • Abate penalties and interest charges on the penalty portion
  • Settle payroll tax
  • Reduce your overall Tax Liability and
  • Resolve your Tax Debt

Options Available for Tax Debt Relief in Redondo Beach

From an IRS or State Tax Lien, or Garnishment, Tax Relief Systems can often reach an effective resolution through direct negotiation and settlement with the IRS.  Redondo Beach CA taxpayers, who qualify, may be eligible for an IRS offer in compromise, or a penalty abatement, settling the debt at a fraction of the original amount owed. The most important thing to remember is if you have received a notice of tax audit, need to file back taxes, or face an IRS tax lien, don’t procrastinate. Contact us today for a free consultation. (424)264-5854  Procrastination is harmful to a successful positive resolution.

One of the problems facing people looking for Redondo Beach tax debt relief is the unfortunate issue of innocent spouse relief.  Some taxpayers are hit with a high tax burden by no fault of their own.  Innocent Spouse Relief can absolve tax liabilities incurred by a current or former spouse. In cases where a joint return was filed and a portion of one spouse’s refund was applied towards another spouse’s liability.  Taking advantage of Injured Spouse Relief, Tax Relief Systems can assist you in recovering those assets. Other taxpayers, in Redondo Beach, require assistance in filling back taxes, a difficult and costly process.  We work with you and/or your accountant to compile and file your delinquent returns, while guaranteeing your rights as a taxpayer. In other instances, tax problems appear in the form of a tax lien.  The devastation and long-term financial impacts are enormous.  The normal IRS tax lien is attached to all assets, both current and future, while severely limiting credit availability. If your first thought is bankruptcy, then think again.  Bankruptcy does not always wipe out your tax debt or liens. We have many options at our disposal to address tax liens.  We can discuss these further in your free consultation to determine which one is viable in your situation.

Finally, Filing Your Own Appeal to the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board is a Risky Proposition. The appeal process is often weeks or months and can be tremendously difficult to navigate without experience. A single mistake in a long series of required steps will result in the denial of your tax appeal.

If you live in Redondo Beach, CA and in dire need of Tax Debt Relief, please contact our incredible team and let us help you get back to a stress-free life.  A life free of IRS notices and visits leaving unwarranted stress and anxiety in your life.  Contact us today at (424)264-5854

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