IRS Liens

A tax lien is a method imposed by the IRS to collect any outstanding debt from the tax payer. Normally this tax lien is directed towards property owned by the tax payer, although the IRS can seize virtually all assets owned by the tax payer.

This is where we come in. If you get notice by the IRS that a tax lien is about to be placed on your property, call Tax Relief Systems LLC and allow us to negotiate with the IRS to prevent them from filing the tax lien.
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Business Payroll

Businesses are required to to pay quarterly and annual taxes to the IRS. If these taxes are neglected, penalties and interest grow. Sometimes to the point where the business must be closed.

Regardless if the business is closed or not, arrangements to pay the outstanding debt must be made. Failure to do so may result in putting your personal assets in jeopardy.
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Late Tax Returns

No matter what the situation is, there is a solution. Our team of professionals will help you deal with the IRS and State when filing your past due returns today! Many of our clients can’t afford the tax liability so they simply just don’t file. This is not an answer. Call our team of tax professionals or fill out the form to the right to resolve your past due returns now!
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Bank Levy

Another aggressive measure the IRS will take to collect taxes owed; the IRS can legally take severe financial action to secure their repayment. A bank levy is a pretty serious thing, the IRS can attack your money AND your assets.

If you are being threatened by the IRS or already have a bank levy placed, call our team of tax experts. Trust us, we can help!
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State Tax

Most people that owe the IRS, also end up owing the state tax. A lot of states offer similar Offer in Compromise programs that offer payment plans, waved penalties and interest. If you find that you owe the state tax and can’t quite find a way to deal with it, give us a call, Tax Relief Systems LLC can help in any situation.
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Installment Agreement

If you owe and cannot pay your taxes in full, you can request to make monthly installment payments.
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Offer In Compromise

This straight forward program was approved by Congress to help tax payers settle their debt. To be eligible for a Offer in Compromise, the taxpayer must demonstrate that collection of the tax would create an economic hardship or would be unfair.

Allow us to aid you in your quest for tax relief. Call us today to see if one of our tax professionals can qualify you for an Offer in Compromise.
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Audit Representation

Know your rights, we do!

Stop worrying about what will happen next when you get that dreaded letter notifying you of an audit. Allow us to become your buffer between you and the IRS or State. We will handle your case and represent you to your best advantage.

Get the protection you deserve! it is not recommended that your represent yourself when being audited, contact one of our tax specialists, we can protect you.
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Wage Garnishment

A Wage Garnishment is when the IRS or State attack your paycheck! If the taxing authorities have continually tried to contact you about your debt and received no response, they are legally allowed to sieze bank accounts, demand payment from accounts receivable, take control of property for auction, and assume title on vehicles.

Wage Garnishment can be very stressful and embarrassing, we don’t recommend you go though this alone. We can STOP Wage Garnishment! Contact one of our tax specialists today!
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Penalty Abatement

Sometimes taxpayers find themselves in a position where under no circumstance can they pay their taxes. Penalties and interest start to build up and before you know it, your in more debt! Tax Relief Systems LLC can challenge these penalties and interest and bring you relief.

If we find that an Offer in Compromise isn’t the best solution for you, Penalty Abatement is usually a better alternative.
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Innocent Spouse

If your spouse or ex-spouse understated the tax on a joint return, you are eligible to be released of all obligation! Allow us to negotiate with the IRS and exonerate you of any obligation they say you have.
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