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Bank Levy Assistance in Los Angeles

Bank Levy Assistance in Los Angeles

One of the harshest penalties the IRS can use to collect money from people is the bank levy. The IRS uses a levy to go into your bank account and take out any funds that you may happen to owe them. Usually they give a fair amount of warning when they do this so it should not come as a surprise. Contact us for bank levy assistance in Los Angeles.

The banks cannot legally stop the IRS from doing this, and if they do interfere they are held financially responsible for any payments that may have been levied from your account.

A bank levy is only done after the IRS exhausts all other methods of collecting taxes owed to them. Before they can do a bank levy, the IRS needs to figure out how much you owe, and you must not have entered into any type of payment agreement. After they get no response from you they send you a final notice letting you know that your accounts will be withdrawn from.

The experts at Tax Relief Systems LLC can help you through this scary time. They deal with these situations on a regular basis and they know exactly how to deal with the IRS.

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