Need assistance with Tax Debt, a.k.a. IRS Debt and you live in Los Angeles, CA? Tax Relief Systems, LLC is an IRS tax office, just outside Los Angeles, with many tax attorneys, who provide tax debt relief and tax services across the Los Angeles area and the United States. We can assist in resolving your tax debt, provide tax relief and IRS Debt Relief. We concentrate on providing swift optimal tax resolution for every client. To start you off on the right foot, you will be assigned a professional to personally handle & provide professional representation. Someone you can feel comfortable with. We will negotiate your tax settlement(s) & unpaid back taxes with the IRS. No more direct dealings. Tax Relief Systems has unparalleled experience in IRS negotiation and direct communications with the IRS.

Tax Debt Relief & IRS Debt Relief Services by Tax Relief Services and our Los Angeles office, include: offer in compromise (OIC), tax penalty elimination, Unfiled Tax Returns filing, wage garnishments, payment plan for back taxes, IRS tax levies, and IRS tax liens, etc. We offer, Los Angeles taxpayers, professional IRS Tax Audit Representation and Tax Audit assistance. Furthermore, we provide support for California State Sales & Use tax audit representation.

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We understand the amount of overwhelming stress and anxiety your feeling. Owing the largest debt collector in the world a large sum of money is not a good feeling and their level of intense intimidation does not help. There are 2 things you need to understand about your situation.

  • There is a solution to your IRS problem. The IRS has made provisions for dealing with your unsettled back taxes.
  • Procrastination, ignoring, & waiting for the IRS to contact you is not the solution. In fact, doing this may go against you & may result into a Wage Garnishment, Bank Levy etc. to be imposed by the IRS.

Remembering those two things will help you towards a positive resolution. The first step in the direction of resolution, in Los Angeles and other places, is to stop procrastinating and act. Today is the best day to do something. Yes, yesterday was better, but tomorrow is worse. If you wait too long, the IRS will act first. Los Angeles is a big city, but they will still find you. You need a qualified, experienced tax debt relief professional that understands how to deal with IRS debt and associated problems. Many people try to handle their IRS problems themselves, resulting in frustration and negative results.

What do our Los Angeles Tax Debt Relief Services include?

  • Initial Consultation and Pre-examination Audit Readiness Analysis
  • IRS Communication
  • Tax Appeals Representation
  • Tax Litigation Support
  • Examination Planning and Representation
  • IRS Penalty and Interest Computations

Previously mentioned, you cannot wait any longer, which becomes even more apparent If you have received an “Intent to Levy” letter or a “Notice of Levy” letter from the IRS, in your mailbox at your Los Angeles home.   It makes more sense, and will probably be less costly in the long run, to resolve your problem with the IRS now, as opposed to dealing with potential embarrassments. You could even face the financial burden of having your employer garnish and levy your wage paycheck or your bank levy and freeze your bank account after receiving an IRS levy order to withhold funds from your bank account or your paycheck.

You have a team waiting to help. Tax Relief Systems offers Professional Tax Representation, for Los Angeles residents and business owner, which is a very powerful tool to “even the odds” when you need to resolve your IRS debt.

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