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Do you know how to discuss your tax issue with the IRS? Do you know what to say and what not to say to achieve an outcome in your favor? For most taxpayers, the answer is an apprehensive “NO” joined with a confusing “I would not even know where to start!” The most important fact to remember is “Do not talk to the IRS alone.”  Do not communicate with the Internal Revenue Service without reliable representation, that is a Big Bear Lake tax attorney.  The type of reputation only an experienced Tax Attorney, in Big Bear Lake, CA, can provide.  Tax Relief Systems is the leading tax relief attorney in Big Bear Lake and we are the unmatched answer to your tax attorney needs. These same recommendations apply to the California Franchise Tax Board.  The California Franchise Tax Board is just as determined to collect money they deem owed.

Tax Relief Systems recognizes and empathizes with the agonizing amount of stress and anxiety your feeling from the financial or even criminal liability from your tax situation and the burden it puts on your family.  We are determined to help by finding a positive practical solution that addresses your tax problems swiftly.  From your first consultation with Tax Relief Systems, you will discover you are receiving more than just attorney representation. You are gaining the backing of a team of experts geared to resolving your tax issue, that truly cares about you and your family.

Why hire a Big Bear Lake tax attorney?

Federal laws are complex, and the tax code is the most complicated federal law on the books, with 73,954 pages. One must consider everything to do with taxes and the laws that govern the collection of taxes.  No one intends to incorrectly file or inadvertently engage in fraudulent behavior.  If you are questioning why you should hire a Big Bear Lake tax attorney, then pay attention to this, the IRS is not your friend and they never will be.  They will do everything they can to collect the taxes they have calculated are due and will make decisions that are in their favor.  Anything you say or do can be used against you.  You have rights, if you do not respond on time or correctly, they can be forfeited.  It is in your best interest to be confident in your ability to correctly adhere to all the laws and stipulations that govern the financial field, by hiring the best tax attorney in Big Bear Lake. You will rapidly see how your worries will seemingly disappear when you align yourself with a Big Bear Lake tax attorney from our firm. We have a large amount of experience in tax law transactions, from unpaid taxes to audits.

An army of Tax Agents have been ordered to collect taxes every year.  Recently, this army has added over 2,000 new agents and hired third party debt collection firms.  Arm yourself with the rights and privileges that come with a hiring a tax attorney, including Attorney-Client Privilege, which protects all communication between you and your attorney, which is considered confidential. The Attorney-Client Privilege affords you with the secure opportunity of a safe and completely confidential environment to talk about your tax matters and divulge information that may otherwise place you at risk.

Be sure you have the knowledgeable, devoted legal counsel you deserve in the face of your tax issue. Our Big Bear Lake team will provide you with tactical representation in negotiations and litigation to resolve your case. We can offer you help in the face of wage garnishment, tax liens, bank levies and can protect your interests in the face of an IRS or state tax audit.

Find out more about our services by contacting our team either by phone or completing our online form today. Delay or hesitation will only cost you more heartache and money. Contact our Big Bear Lake office today at (424)264-5854 for a free tax relief consultation.  No Obligation

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