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Tax Attorney Downey

Tax Attorney Downey

Living in California you deal with tax issues more than most states.  The chances of making a mistake are increased with this amount of exposure. Did you receive one of the nice letters from the IRS stating you owe the IRS over $10,000 resulting from a mistake or miscalculation on your taxes?  This is probably out of you budget to pay and you need relief.  Are the threatening letters increasing along with the amount the IRS feels you owe?  Direct negotiation on your own seems like a viable option and yes you could do just that, but you will not like the consequences.  The IRS is obsessed with collecting the money they estimate is owed. If you live in Downey, CA, contact our Downey Team to begin your tax resolution today.

Five common mistakes when dealing with the IRS:

  1. Failure to take immediate action
  2. Self-negotiation with the IRS
  3. Asking your CPA to handle the IRS
  4. The belief the IRS agent is a tax expert
  5. The belief the IRS agent will treat you fair

For these reasons alone, it is not recommended to directly contact the IRS and attempt to settling your case. Why? The first thing the IRS will do is begin asking intrusive questions about your back-tax bills.  They will dig relentlessly for any incriminating information they can use against you.  Quickly you realize they do not care about you or your problem, they only want your money.  The behavior, of the IRS agents, is often intimidating and domineering.  To properly challenge and protect your rights, you must have someone firmly in your corner that totally understands tax code and tax legislation. The only option to protect your money and rights is to speak with an experienced Tax Attorney in Downey, CA, to understand your complex tax problems and represent you. The tax attorneys, at Tax Relief Systems, LLC, will work to establish a plan to put your tax problems in your past. You should not waver to contact a tax attorney and preferably early on in a tax disagreement.  Earlier the better since a good tax attorney can assist you in reducing or possibly eliminating your tax problem before it gets out of control.  Procrastination is harmful when dealing with the IRS.

IRS notifications, phone calls, and agent visits are all strategies utilized by the IRS. This can be very alarming and irritating. For many people, neglecting the problem is their solution, to hope and pray the problem will just go away, which is not how the IRS operates. They have an unrestricted relentless capability to discover and take your money using any information collected against you.  One misstep and your chances of a positive conclusion may decrease drastically.

Lastly, the job of a tax attorney is:

  1. Interpret your tax obligation.
  2. Protect you from IRS error, misuse, as well as intimidation.
  3. Submit an amended income tax return.
  4. Assist clear up and resolve your tax problem via programs set up to assist you.
  5. Bring you back into legal conformity.
  6. Take care of an IRS lien or levy and assistance to get them released.
  7. Set up a correctly organized layaway plan limiting charges in the future.

A reliable Downey tax attorney from Tax Relief Systems will locate connected “loopholes,” as well as recognize inconsistencies in IRS decisions that could help clear up as well as resolve your tax issues. Even a relatively simple tax concern could benefit from a tax attorney review.

Tax Relief Systems has helped Downey residents and businesses for many years and has the unmatched experience in managing all elements of tax resolution and negotiation. All options will be made available and a recommendation of action will be provided.  Call us today and discover why other citizens of Downey, CA have chosen Tax Relief Systems to handle their IRS problems.

In Addition, Tax Relief Systems is an expert in all problems associated with the California Board of Equalization (BOE) and Employment Development Department (EDD).

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