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Tax Attorney El Paso

Tax Attorney El Paso

El Paso is cut from the same rich history as the rest of the state of Texas and adamant in its distrust of government and desire to keep it at arm’s length.  With no state income tax, the IRS is the majority tax collection invader.  You can probably think easily of the most unnerving or hostile situation you have experienced. IRS interaction over a tax issue can be that bad.  They are masters at making you feel an inch high and at intimidation.  Often, the deliberation and negotiation process has been compared to war. In war, there can only one winner and one loser, however, in tax terms, there can be a win-win alternative.  The IRS only wants to win and they will try every tactic in their playbook.  The IRS’s relentless pursuit of tax delinquents has caught up many good well intentioned citizens who made a simple mistake or miscalculation.  Challenging tax problems, ranging from unpaid taxes to innocent spouse relief can add an incredible amount of stress, anxiety, and fear possibly causing emotional and economic paralysis. You deserve an aggressive, talented legal advocate, in El Paso, who will fight for you.  A tax attorney with a team, who understands the emotional and physical challenges.  A team that knows how to work with the government to successfully achieve the goals for the client, for now and the future.

The job of an El Paso tax attorney is:

  1. Interpret your tax obligation.
  2. Protect you from IRS error, misuse, as well as intimidation.
  3. Submit an amended income tax return.
  4. Assist clear up and resolve your tax problem via programs set up to assist you.
  5. Bring you back into legal conformity.
  6. Take care of an IRS lien or levy and assistance to get them released.
  7. Set up a correctly organized layaway plan limiting charges in the future.

Texas has many good attorneys; however, you need to make sure you hire the best. Hiring the wrong attorney can lead to unnecessary pain.  When you contact Tax Relief Systems, LLC, you can believe that we will be the best legal counselor, advocate and ally working to restore your good name and reputation. Our tax team has over 25 years of experience ardently representing businesses, individuals and agencies. When it comes to Texas tax attorneys, you will find no one better or more dedicated.  You will quickly find our dedication to help clients grasp a better life for themselves, their businesses, and especially families infectious. You will have a fierce litigator standing by your side seeking a favorable decision.

Some of the areas of tax concern:

  • Unfiled tax returns and voluntary disclosures
  • Negotiations, audits and appeals
  • Collections, appeals and related issues
  • IRS Offshore Tax-Amnesty Program
  • Foreign/offshore account criminal investigations
  • Tax fraud and evasion criminal investigations
  • Criminal tax investigations
  • Business/corporate employment and income tax investigations
  • Offers in Compromise and discounts

Starting with your initial consultation, Tax Relief Systems will identify your precise problems and create exclusive strategies for resolution.  For more information or to schedule your appointment with a qualified El Paso tax attorney, please contact us online or call today.  Please do not procrastinate.

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