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Tax Attorney Fort Wayne IN

Tax Attorney Fort Wayne IN

Tax Relief Systems’ Fort Wayne Tax Attorneys are equipped to aid before and during tax complications. Our Fort Wayne tax attorney will meet with you one-on-one and review your case to obtain all facts and the related tax code pertaining to your situation. Indiana is a tax friendly state; thus, the state burden is less on residents and businesses, but that does not exclude them from needing tax help. (424)264-5854
The average taxpayer assumes the need for a tax attorney only occurs when there is a notification from or interaction with the Internal Revenue Service. This is a very important time to make the call but beforehand can be much more beneficial. The IRS can be relentless and almost ruthless when trying to collect a perceived tax debt. The agents are trained to think of only the positive resolutions for the government, not the best interest of the taxpayer. It is not recommended for Fort Wayne, IN taxpayers to attempt self-defense in IRS cases, especially when criminal charges and court appearances are involved.

The consultation from a Fort Wayne tax attorney is very important in matters concerning estates, business startups, and international transactions. Estate taxes are up to 40% on the balance above the preset threshold. As of 2017, the estate tax threshold is $5.49 million single or $10.98 million married, which typically increases annually. Startup businesses must consider tax implications for the formation of their business especially the structure of the business, from sole proprietorship to corporation. Other areas available for tax attorney consultation include:
• Tax Levies, Garnishment and Seizures Jeopardy Assessments
• Discharge of Taxes in Bankruptcy
• IRS Appeals Hearings
• Audit Representation
• Independent Contractor Determinations
• Tax Court Representation
• Offers in Compromise
• Indiana Sales and Use Tax Audits
• Installment Payment Plans
• Innocent Spouse Representation
• Employment/payroll tax representation
• Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
• Non-filer Representation
• Estate Tax Audits
• Penalty and Interest Abatement

A wonderful benefit related to consulting a tax attorney is the Attorney-Client Privilege, which protects all communication between you and your attorney. Attorney-Client communication is deemed confidential by the courts. A tax attorney cannot be forced to reveal confidential information to the IRS or any other opposing party. The Attorney-Client Privilege offers a safe and completely confidential environment to discuss tax matters and disclose information that may otherwise place you at risk.

Tax Relief Systems, LLC has been recognized as a trusted and reliable resource for individuals, businesses in a broad range of industries and nonprofit organizations. We have successfully worked to have the IRS withdraw liens and levies, vacate tax assessments, and settle tax debts through viable installment agreements and offers in compromise. We are focused on our Fort Wayne clients receiving a positive outcome and minimize the intrusion into their lives, while having a positive experience with our caring tax attorney.
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