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Tax Attorney Lafayette LA

Tax Attorney Lafayette LA

What is your most intimidating or unpleasant experience? If your answer was interacting and communicating with the IRS over a tax issue, then you would be correct. You need a Tax Attorney Lafayette. Interaction and negotiation with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be a frightening situation and the actual litigation is often compared to war. The taxman is just as strong in Lafayette LA as he is all the other 49 states. Litigating tax problems, that range from unpaid taxes to innocent spouse relief, with the IRS or State Government of Louisiana, can be full of anxiety, fear, and even emotional and economic paralysis. Individuals, and businesses, who find themselves caught up in the IRS web of tax law complexity, need and deserve an aggressive, accomplished legal advocate, with a team, who understands how to represent litigants in the courtroom. A team that knows how to work with the government to pursue the goals for the client, for now and the future. Free consultation at (920)770-3937

Lafayette is home to many good attorneys, but you need to make sure you hire the best. Hiring the wrong attorney can lead to undue headache and hardship. If you have found yourself in an unfortunate tax circumstance, then call Tax Relief Systems, LLC. We will be your trusted legal counselor, advocate and ally. Our tax team has over 25 years of experience forcefully and effectively representing businesses, individuals and agencies to the full extent of the law. When it comes to Lafayette tax attorneys, you will find there is no one better. You will immediately discover our dedication to help clients realize a better life for themselves, their businesses, and especially families. Personal attention is what you deserve, and it is exactly what you will receive. You will find a vicious and keenly focused litigator standing by your side seeking a favorable decision.

Some of the areas you may need the help of a Lafayette tax attorney include:

  1. Negotiations, audits and appeals
  2. Collections, appeals and related issues
  3. Criminal tax investigations
  4. Unfiled tax returns and voluntary disclosures
  5. Business/corporate employment and income tax investigations
  6. Foreign/offshore account criminal investigations
  7. Tax fraud and evasion criminal investigations
  8. Offers in Compromise and discounts
  9. IRS Offshore Tax-Amnesty Program

Starting with your initial consultation, Tax Relief Systems will identify your precise problems and create exclusive strategies for resolution. For more information or to schedule your appointment with a qualified Lafayette LA tax attorney, please contact us online or call today. Please do not procrastinate, it can only make your situation worse. (920)770-3937

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