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Tax Attorney Mililani

Mililani, HI has accountants and attorneys. Both are available to help in tax related problems.  However, when you employ the services of an attorney then the implication is you are fighting a problem with the law.  It implies you need your rights protected and support in dealing with a government entity.  When the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) comes a knocking, the specific attorney you need is the Mililani attorney specializing in tax related problems, versed in the intricacies of the tax code, and experience in direct dealings with the IRS.  Specifically, tax attorneys can handle certain things that accountants cannot.  Although, you don’t particularly have to be in a serious fight to use the services of an attorney rather than those of an accountant.

Specifically, tax attorneys are described as lawyers who have chosen to specialize in the complex and technical field of tax law. Their skills are targeted and focused on the complex, technical and legal issues associated with tax problems. A tax attorney can step in after you have a problem, but consulting with one in advance can also assist in the avoidance of problems altogether. Tax Relief Systems LLC has a team of Mililani attorneys ready to help at a moment’s notice.

When Would You Need a Tax Attorney?

As you might know the Internal Revenue Service has its tentacles in many different things throughout your life and your business, especially tax returns. Businesses, individuals, and the states must file tax returns. Sometimes it behooves businesses or individuals to hire a tax attorney to prepare ahead of time.

If you have made the decision to start a new business, consulting a tax attorney is a smart move.  Our Mililani tax attorneys can help answer important questions such as: What type of business entity should you set up? Do you want to incorporate? Can you function as a sole proprietor? The answers to these questions will have a direct effect on your future tax payments and dealings with the IRS.

Anticipated taxable estates upon death need a tax attorney to make sure everything is setup accordingly to save your spouse and heirs tax related problems and a lot of hard earned money.  A taxable estate, as of 2017, is defined as an estate with a total value that is anticipated to exceed $5.49 million, or $10.98 million for married couples.  The tax threshold typically increases annually.   Heirs of estates exceeding the threshold pay estate tax of up to 40 percent of the balance. The strategy of a tax attorney or lawyer is to plan your estate maintain a level below the exemption threshold and avoid a huge portion of your estate going to taxes.

The final reason, and probably the biggest reason you would need to hire a member of Tax Relief System’s Mililani tax attorneys, is you are facing a major tax problem with the IRS.  Whether you’re under investigation, filing a lawsuit against the IRS, or need a case review, our tax attorneys can assist you every step of the way.  We will protect your rights as defined by the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.  You need familiar with the complexities of the federal tax system and courtroom.

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