Tax Attorney North Carolina

If you’re a citizen of the fine state of North Carolina and the United States, then you are a taxpayer and you have rights!  Can you think of anything worse than having the Internal Revenue Service or the North Carolina Department of Revenue chasing after you? Do not worry, as a taxpayer which we already established, you have rights, including the right to consult a tax attorney.

Our unique and extraordinary approach incorporates a special case by case evaluation of every client situation with ultimate objective of accomplishing an appropriate resolution, meanwhile, examining our clients’ principal tax needs and counsel them as to the best methods to avoid future liability or legal issues. We promise to be accessible and work to answer your questions and address your concerns as they arise.

Do you need to work with a tax attorney?  Only if you want to achieve the best possible outcome. Other questions may be coming to mind:

  1. Is it a big enough deal that I should hire an IRS tax relief attorney?
  2. How expensive is a tax attorney?
  3. At what point, should I hire a tax attorney to represent me in my IRS tax debt dispute?
  4. Can I Settle my Tax Debt with the IRS for Pennies on the Dollar?

Don’t forget, the IRS is persistent and demanding. You must consider all the options available to you and if you go it alone, you may not have all the information you need to make the right decision. The size of the US tax code is enormous and 750,000 pages. When you align yourself with one of our North Carolina tax attorneys, your worries will simply dissolve. We have a rich amount of experience in tax relief and planning, from filing to preparation to foreign investments and everything in-between. Some of the common tax issues:

  • Tax Lien
  • Tax Levy
  • Unpaid Taxes
  • IRS Wage Garnishment
  • IRS Bank Levy
  • Penalties and Interest
  • IRS Notices

If you have any of the above, your best option is to contact our team today! The biggest benefit resulting from hiring an attorney is Attorney-Client Privilege, which protects all communication between you and your attorney. This communication is considered confidential. A tax attorney cannot be forced to disclose confidential information to the IRS or any other opposing party. The Attorney-Client Privilege offers you with a safe and completely confidential environment to talk about your tax matters and divulge information that may otherwise place you at risk.

As mentioned, you have options and not all options apply to your unique situation.

  • Offers in Compromise with liability in question or inability of collection
  • Audit Reconsideration
  • Hardship Offers
  • Part pay Installment Agreements
  • Full pay Installment Agreements
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Do not hesitate to contact Tax Relief Systems North Carolina team immediately, because procrastination will only make matters worse. Any misstep will cost you money.

Our team is waiting to help.  Please call us today to help relieve your tax issues. 424-264-5854

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