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Tax Attorney Provo

Tax Attorney Provo

Did you make a mistake or miscalculation on your taxes and now you owe over $10,000?  Were you unable to pay a previous year’s taxes and now your receiving IRS notices and the amount is growing fast with fees and interest?  You could negotiate with the IRS by yourself without any representation, but you will not like the outcome.  The IRS is focused on one thing, getting the money they deem is owed. If you live in Provo, UT, contact our Provo Team to get your resolution started today.

There are five common mistakes made when dealing with the IRS:

  1. Failure to take immediate action
  2. Asking your CPA to handle the IRS
  3. Self-negotiation with the IRS
  4. Believing the IRS agent will treat you fair
  5. Believing the IRS agent is a tax expert

These mistakes are the prime reason we don’t recommend contacting the IRS directly and settling your case. Why? From the first conversation, the IRS will begin asking you questions about your back-tax bills and getting you to admit to points you must never reveal. This is when you realize they only desire your cash and do not care about you or your problems.  The IRS behavior can be threatening and sometimes wrong.  To combat and protect your rights, you need to have someone in your corner that knows tax code and tax legislation. The only option to protect your rights and your hard-earned cash is to talk with a qualified Tax Attorney in Provo, UT to represent you and understand the complicated tax problems that you are up against. The tax attorneys, at Tax Relief Systems, LLC, will help you establish a plan to put your tax problems far behind you. The very best time to contact a tax attorney or professional is very early on in a tax disagreement.  Earlier the better because a good tax attorney can assist you to reduce or perhaps eliminate your tax problem before it gets entirely out of control.  Procrastination is not an option when dealing with the IRS.

IRS notifications, phone calls, and agent visits are all tactics employed by the IRS. This can be very frightening and frustrating at the same time. Many people try to neglect the problem hoping and praying the problem will just go away.  The IRS will not go away.  They have an unrestricted capacity to discover and take your money. They will use any information they collect against you.  One misstep and your chances of a positive conclusion may have decreased drastically.

Finally, the job of a tax attorney is:

  1. Interpret your tax obligation.
  2. Protect you from IRS error, misuse, as well as intimidation.
  3. Submit an amended income tax return.
  4. Bring you back into legal conformity.
  5. Take care of an IRS lien or levy and assistance to get them released.
  6. Assist clear up and resolve your tax problem via programs set up to assist you.
  7. Set up a correctly organized layaway plan limiting charges in the future.

A good Provo tax attorney from Tax Relief Systems will locate applicable “loopholes,” as well as recognize incongruities in IRS decisions that could assist to clear up as well as resolve your tax issues. Even a relatively simple tax concern could benefit from a tax attorney review.

Tax Relief Systems has assisted Provo residents and businesses for many years and has the unsurpassed experience in managing all elements of tax resolution and negotiation. All options will be made available and a recommendation of action will be provided.  Call us today and discover why other citizens of Provo, UT have chosen Tax Relief Systems to handle their IRS problems.

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