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Tax Attorney Reseda

Tax Attorney Reseda

Do you know anyone who enjoys dealing with the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board, alone?  No one should have to.  The laws concerning taxes are extremely complex and designed to collect as much money as possible and leave you with less money than you began with. Tax Relief Systems, LLC has a rich history of tax representation for individuals and businesses in tax related issues. From ten thousand to a few million dollars owed and preventative tax planning strategies to imaginative tax repayment structures, our tax attorneys in Reseda, CA are here to assist you with your tax related requirements.

It is the preference of our tax attorneys to meet with you before a tax problem arises.  Federal and state tax laws are the area of the law where prevention is much better than resolution.  Our team of attorneys are available to meet with you and discuss any upcoming events in your life, and their associated tax consequences. Based on this conversation, we will design a tax strategy with you, maximizing your assets while minimizing your tax exposure.  However, the elimination of all tax issues is impossible.  There are times that the IRS still likes to nose around a little.  For these unforeseen instances, we are here to help you get out of the hole it feels like you are in. The rules for working with federal and state tax authorities are different, however, we have the knowledge and experience to find an amicable and complete resolution. As tax attorneys in Reseda, CA, we have years of experience offering ground-breaking and resourceful tax repayment plans to the IRS, with the single goal of saving you as much of your hard-earned money as possible.

Our team of Reseda Tax Attorneys are highly trained in every facet of Tax Law and controversy, including:

  • Unfiled Back Tax Returns
  • Relief from Tax Penalties
  • Relief of IRS Tax Liens, Levies and Wage Garnishments
  • IRS Individual and Business Audit Defense, Appeals, and Reconsideration
  • IRS Payroll and Employment Taxes
  • Business Tax Disputes
  • IRS Tax Debt Settlements and Offers in Compromise
  • Tax Court Representation


It is recommended you retain a skilled Reseda Tax Attorney early on in your dealings with the IRS. Every stage of the dispute affords you specific rights that can be forfeited if not acted upon quickly. This can be a costly mistake, especially if you miss deadlines and forfeit your rights. Do not hesitate, your financial well-being may be at stake.

In review, the attorneys of Tax Relief Systems, LLC counsel and represent clients on a variety of matters in business transactions, tax controversy, advocacy and litigation, legislative and regulatory activities, financing activities, deferred and executive compensation, tax planning, international taxation, state and local taxation, asset protection, succession planning, foundations, and tax-exempt organization matters.

We advise publicly-traded companies, private entities and their owners on the federal, international, state and local tax implications of mergers, acquisitions, sales, and other transactions. Our services encompass business transaction planning, succession planning and dispute resolution, administratively, such as before the Internal Revenue Service, the various state and local administrative agencies and the courts, including the Tax Court.

Contact us today to set up an appointment to meet with one of our Reseda tax attorneys to provide you the advice, and answer the questions you have.

Furthermore, if you find you have an unexpected issue arise with the California Board of Equalization (BOE) and Employment Development Department (EDD), Tax Relief Systems is the one to call for we are the experts in all things California tax related.

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