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Tax Attorney Santa Ana

Tax Attorney Santa Ana

You made a mistake or miscalculation on your taxes and now you owe over $10,000!  Now the IRS is sending you notifications or worse have showed up at your work.  Are they there because you were unable to pay a previous year’s taxes and the amount is growing fast with fees and interest?  Your option could be negotiating with the IRS by yourself without any representation and risk an unfavorable outcome.  The IRS is singularly focused on getting the money they consider owed. If you live in Santa Ana, CA, contact our Santa Ana Team to get your path towards a positive resolution started today.

Most taxpayers make five common mistakes when communicating with the IRS:

  1. They fail to take immediate action
  2. They ask their CPA to communicate on their behalf with the IRS
  3. They try to negotiate with the IRS on their own
  4. They believe the IRS agent will treat them fairly
  5. They believe the IRS agent is a tax expert since the agent works for the IRS

These five mistakes are the primary reason it is not recommended that you contact the IRS directly and try settling your case. Why? From the outset, the IRS will commence by asking you questions about your back-tax bills and try to get you to admit to things.  You should never offer up too much information.  Your best protection is a Santa Ana Tax Attorney. As the IRS continues to press you, you realize they only want your cash and do not care about you or your problems.  The threatening behavior of the IRS can be intimidating and sometimes cross the line.  To protect your rights, you must have a tax attorney in your corner.  A tax attorney well versed in the tax code and tax legislation. A tax attorney is the only option to protect your rights and your hard-earned cash in Santa Ana, CA by representing you and understanding the complicated tax problem you are up against. The tax attorneys, at Tax Relief Systems, LLC, will help you create a plan to put your tax problems far behind you. When is the best time to contact a tax attorney or professional?  Very early on in a tax problem as soon as you are notified by the IRS.  Earlier the better because a good tax attorney can assist you by reducing or possibly eliminating your tax problem before it gets entirely out of control.  Procrastination will not make the problem go away when the IRS is involved.

IRS notifications, phone calls, and agent visits are all tactics employed by the IRS. These tactics are frightening and frustrating at the same time, that is why the IRS uses them.  The more nervous they make you the more likely you are to pay.  Many people try to avoid the problem hoping the problem will just go away.  The IRS does not just go away.  They have an unrestricted capability to find and take your money. Any information they collect, including answers to questions, will be used against you.  One misstep and your chances of a positive resolution will be decreased drastically.

The job of a tax attorney is straightforward:

  1. A tax attorney will interpret your tax obligation.
  2. A tax attorney will protect you from IRS error, misuse, as well as intimidation.
  3. A tax attorney will submit an amended income tax return.
  4. A tax attorney will bring you back into legal conformity.
  5. A tax attorney will take care of an IRS lien or levy and assistance to get them released.
  6. A tax attorney will assist clear up and resolve your tax problem via programs set up to assist you.
  7. A tax attorney will set up a correctly organized layaway plan limiting charges in the future.

Our Santa Ana tax attorney from Tax Relief Systems will locate “loopholes” that apply to your problem as well as recognize incongruities in IRS decisions that could assist to clear up as well as resolve your tax issues. Even a relatively simple tax concern could benefit from a tax attorney review.

Tax Relief Systems has helped Santa Ana residents and businesses for many years and has the unsurpassed experience in managing all elements of tax resolution and negotiation. All options will be made available and a recommendation of action will be provided.  Call us today and discover why other citizens of Santa Ana, CA have chosen Tax Relief Systems to handle their IRS problems.

Tax Relief Systems, additionally, are the tax specialists to call when situations arise with the Employment Development Department (EDD) and California Board of Equalization (BOE).

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