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Tax Attorney Texas

Tax Attorney Texas

Texas is known for its distrust of government and keeping them at arms length. What better way than having the state legislature only meet every other year. The federal government is harder to keep out of your life, especially the IRS. Think of the most unnerving or hostile situation you have experienced Interaction with the IRS over a tax issue is that bad. They have a way of making you feel an inch high and will intimidate even the strongest of men. The deliberation and negotiation process can be compared to war. In war there is only one winner and one loser, but in tax terms there can be a win-win option. The IRSs relentless pursuit of tax delinquents has caught up many good well intentioned citizens who found a financial road bump. Challenging tax problems, that range from unpaid taxes to innocent spouse relief, with the United States Government or State Government of Texas, can add an amazing amount of stress, anxiety, fear, and emotional and economic paralysis. You need an aggressive, talented legal advocate, who will fight with you every step of the way. A tax attorney with an amazing team, who understands the emotional and physical challenges along with the intellectual when representing litigants in the courtroom. A team that knows how to work with the government to pursue the goals for the client, for now and the future.

Texas has many amazing attorneys, but you need to make sure you hire the best. Hiring the wrong attorney can lead to needless pain and adversity. By contacting Tax Relief Systems, LLC, you can trust that we will be the best legal counselor, advocate and ally working to restore your good name. Our tax team has over 25 years of experience fervently representing businesses, individuals and agencies to the fullest extent of the law. When it comes to Texas tax attorneys, you will find there is no one better. You will quickly find our infectious dedication to help clients grasp a better life for themselves, their businesses, and especially families. Personal attention is what you deserve and it is exactly what you will receive. You will find a fierce litigator standing by your side seeking a favorable decision.

Some of the areas you may need help include:

  1. Unfiled tax returns and voluntary disclosures
  2. Negotiations, audits and appeals
  3. Collections, appeals and related issues
  4. IRS Offshore Tax-Amnesty Program
  5. Foreign/offshore account criminal investigations
  6. Tax fraud and evasion criminal investigations
  7. Criminal tax investigations
  8. Business/corporate employment and income tax investigations
  9. Offers in Compromise and discounts

Starting with your initial consultation, Tax Relief Systems will identify your precise problems and create exclusive strategies for resolution. For more information or to schedule your appointment with a qualified Texas tax attorney, please contact us online or call today. Please do not procrastinate.

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