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Tax Relief Systems has been blessed with the experience and unsurpassed knowledge needed to guide our Two Harbors clients through amazingly complicated tax issues, while providing exceptional customer service. We are the leading tax attorneys in Two Harbors with the familiar reputation of effectively planning each client’s needs at the federal, state and local taxation levels and provide the support when IRS issues arise. Our tax attorneys pride themselves in making a significant effort to completely understand each client’s business, industry, and business needs and adapt their tax planning accordingly. As technology undoubtedly becomes more involved in tax planning, the need for an experienced tax attorney Two Harbors CA is more important. We will look at the small things closely, paying exceptional attention to detail, and determine how they work together with the big picture. Therefore, we need to understand our client’s business completely to successfully provide appropriate representation.

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Representing clients in Two Harbors state and local tax issues is an important part of Tax Relief Systems mission. As tax attorneys, practicing in this complicated and highly specialized industry, Tax Relief Systems provides experience, advice and innovative solutions to its clients both in compliance and interstate corporate tax planning matters. Tax Relief Systems tax attorneys enjoy a longstanding professional, working relationship with the state of California.

Tax Relief System’s federal tax practice also focuses on federal income tax problems and represent our clients accordingly. Dealing with the IRS is not something you want to do alone, either as an individual, business, or corporation. Our tax attorneys work together with you and your team to evaluate multiple tax situations and their implications with a full analysis of tax consequences. We will help in tax planning for sophisticated finance transactions.

While we highlight tax planning, with one of our Two Harbors tax attorneys, to avoid tax issues, our attorneys have many years of experience in dealing with Federal agents, the Appeals Division, IRS attorneys in the Tax Court and Justice Department attorneys who handle tax cases in the federal district courts. Tax Relief Systems handles every tax controversy thoroughly and comprehensively developing the factual and legal background for each case. We are aggressive and strategically develop each clients’ legal arguments to the point where we can deal with the IRS from a position of strength. We are determined not to let the IRS have the upper hand.

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The IRS has hired a high number of new agents to collect back taxes from unsuspecting taxpayers. Our tax attorneys know exactly how to handle every situation, for it is a rare tax situation that we have not seen. Do you have a tax debt that you owe the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board, and unfortunately you can’t afford to pay it? Well you have options, which include:

  • Offers in Compromise with liability in question or inability of collection
  • Audit Reconsideration
  • Hardship Offers
  • Part pay Installment Agreements
  • Full pay Installment Agreements
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Our Two Harbors tax attorneys understand what is takes to resolve a serious tax issue, from start to finish. Will not leave you empty handed. We will represent you in front of the voracious IRS and we will help you find the most optimal solution. On the other hand, we can help you prepare before situations occur via proper tax planning.

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