Tax Debt | IRS Penalties

I owe the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) money and I cannot afford to pay it. What do I do now?

This is a common question when taxpayers run into tax debt problems and since you’ve found your way here, you, or someone you know, most likely owes money for back taxes to the IRS and/or the state. The first thing to remember is your tax debt problem is not too big to handle.  There is a solution available via one of the tax resolution programs set forth by the IRS. Tax Relief Systems, LLC is well versed in these programs and their requirements.  If back taxes are owed, or you’ve been threatened with, or currently suffering from an IRS levy of your bank account, property lien, wage garnishment, asset seizure, or the denial or termination of a previous installment agreement, Tax Relief Systems’ team of professionals can help.  We can represent you to completely resolve your IRS tax debt problems. We can put a stop to most IRS levies and seizures by filing an IRS collection appeal on your behalf.  Whether the IRS is demanding full payment of back taxes up-front or a payment plan that is higher than you can afford, we can set up an arrangement to pay the IRS for the lowest monthly amount allowed by law.

There are many ways taxpayers get into themselves into a tax debt problem. You might have years of back income taxes not yet filed.  Did you receive a gift or inherited an estate and just can’t afford to pay the taxes on it? If you’re a business owner, you may have unpaid payroll taxes or you ended up owing taxes because you were just trying to feed your family and couldn’t make ends meet while setting aside money for the IRS to pay your taxes. Corporations face hard times and are not immune from tax debt problems.  There is one thing for sure, you owe money to the IRS and you want to make things right.

There is one thing that starts happening from the day your taxes are late and that is IRS penalties.  The penalties for being late are added on to the amount you owe and then they add interest.  Therefore, the longer you wait to pay or address the larger the bill becomes. When Tax Relief Systems begins working on your tax debt problem, we will do what we can to put a hold on the both while we work on a resolution.

The IRS is not your friend.  No matter the reason they will not listen.  They believe you owe the money and will do what they deem necessary to collect it and they will use every tool in their toolkit. If we could tell you just one thing it’d be: Don’t ignore the IRS. Don’t do it. The other thing we definitely warn against is self-representation when dealing with the IRS. Most of the time you will end up with a settlement for more money than you would have owed if you used the services of a tax professional.  Not counting all the wasted time with forms and delays. The tax code and filings are a maze in and of themselves, then you add in the agency itself and no wonder people just throw their hands up in the air.

Tax Relief Systems will begin working with you from the moment you contact us.  We will setup a free consultation.  With Tax Relief Systems, you will receive the best customer service in the industry, because we value the individual and we understand the stress and anxiety you are feeling.  Don’t let your tax debt problems define you.  Contact us today and let us get you back to where you belong.  On a strong financial foundation. (424)264-5854