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Most taxpayers will eventually run into a problem with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  When this unfortunate event crosses your path, you need a trusted company with the experience and unwavering determination to find the optimal resolution for your IRS problem.  Tax Relief Systems, LLC stands ready to do exactly that and protect your finances. The IRS has many different programs designed to help people through different situations. Tax Debt Services and Tax Relief Services all in one place. Below we have put together a list of tax services that we offer to help individuals and businesses.

Tax Debt Services and Tax Relief Services.

We evaluate your case during our free initial consultation.  At that time, we begin to analyze your financial situation and find which tax settlement method would work best for your unique tax situation. There are many different programs for settlements and it is important to get a professional opinion before selecting which one is best for you. We do not recommend attempting IRS negotiation on your own.

Offer in Compromise – is an IRS program where a taxpayer can settle taxes owed for far less than the original amount. Consequently, an Offer in Compromise is one of the most difficult filings to obtain. A tax professional can increase the chances of your filing being accepted.

Penalty Abatement – this IRS program that allows for the removal of penalties owed with the proper filings and demonstrating proof.

Innocent Spouse Relief – a tax program that is designed to help spouses who have been unfairly exposed by their spouse.  The IRS realizes there are times it would be unfair to hold a spouse liable for taxes owed due to a joint tax filing.

Uncollectible Hardship Service – Sometimes the taxpayer cannot pay due to a financial hardship.  With appropriate filings, we can request a possible temporary stop on IRS collection actions and have your situation declared uncollectible for a specified period.  The hold will last until your financial situation improves enough allowing you to pay the IRS. I

Payment Plan Negotiation and Setup – If you do not qualify for financial hardship or a program that allows you to pay less than you owe, our tax professional will find the best method to pay back the taxes you owe under a payment plan and have it approved by the IRS. We want to protect your financial situation and payment plans will often do that.

Filing of Back Taxes Service – Sometimes life gets in the way and we fall behind in filing our taxes.  If you have outstanding returns that have not been filed, the length of time is not relevant, then Tax Relief Systems can file them for you.  Even if your missing important tax documents, we can ensure these returns are filed appropriately with the IRS, while ensuring maximum deductions. We will then proceed to find a settlement appropriate for your situation if there is a substantial amount owed.

Remove a Tax Levy – Has the IRS begun the process to seize your assets? Have they moved against your bank account, looked to garnish your paycheck, or to physically seize assets?  Tax Relief Systems can put a halt on the IRS by filing the appropriate paperwork and begin necessary negotiations.

Stop IRS Wage Garnishment – Life is already hard and if the IRS has started garnishing your wages, then it is much harder than it should be.  We can stop the wage garnishment and present a better solution to you and the IRS.  Don’t suffer more than you must.

IRS Bank Account Levy – a frozen bank account, by the IRS, is infuriating and damaging to your financial stability.  We can work to prevent and even lift the levy to salvage your financial situation.  We will then negotiate on your behalf.

Remove a Tax Lien – tax liens remain in place until tax loans are paid in full or another agreement has been found. We will negotiate to find an optimal resolution for you to get back into good standing with the IRS and to release your tax lien while not creating financial hardship for you.

Audit Representation –  receiving an IRS tax audit notification is common yet very upsetting.  Audits can be confusing and complex.  Saying the wrong thing could cost you more money.  With the help of a tax professional, we can protect your interests and sometimes the audit goes in the taxpayer’s favor. During an audit, we look for potential deductions you might have missed to offset the IRS findings. We have many tactics in audits to ensure things go over smoothly.

Tax Relief Systems has the tax services ready to help put you back on good financial footing while protecting your rights.  Dealing with the IRS is not for the faint of heart.  Call us today at (424)264-5854 to schedule your free consultation!