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Everyone must pay taxes, whether state or federal.  Some taxpayers make a mistake, miscalculation, or can’t pay their bill on time.  This is when the nasty, evil IRS rears its head. When the IRS determines a tax bill is late, they begin using a plethora of tactics, starting with the easy ones, to collect the money.  Unexpectedly, in Corpus Christi, TX, when you run into dilemmas with your taxes, there are many services offered to help resolve your dilemma. It is recommended to discuss your dilemma with a tax specialist to determine the best solution and course of action for your unique tax dilemma and financial situation. The IRS has designed many different programs to help taxpayers through different tax dilemmas. Tax Relief Systems, Corpus Christi, has a list of tax services that our tax specialists can offer to help individuals through tax dilemmas.

If you live in Corpus Christi, TX and would like to settle your IRS, Tax Relief Systems can analyze your financial situation and determine the optimal tax settlement method for your unique tax dilemma. As stated, there are many different forms of settlements and it is important to get an specialist opinion before deciding which one is best for you.

Penalty Abatement – A penalty abatement allows the removal of penalties owed.  The penalties can be forgiven with the appropriate filings and showing appropriate proof.

Offer in Compromise – An offer in compromise allows a taxpayer to settle taxes owed for far less than the original amount. For this reason, it is one of the most difficult filings to make.

Payment Plan Negotiation and Setup – When reducing the tax burden is not an option, setting up a payment plan authorized by the IRS may be needed.

Innocent Spouse Relief – Sometimes it is deemed unfair to hold a spouse liable for taxes owed due to a joint tax filing, as observed by the IRS. Innocent spouse relief is a challenging filing and our tax relief specialists can ensure the proper paperwork is filed and will follow through to ensure all tax liabilities have been lifted from the “innocent spouse”.

Hardship/Uncollectible Service – You may be in a difficult financial situation and it may be possible to temporarily stop collection actions by the IRS and have your tax bill declared uncollectible for a period of time until your financial situation improves.  Poor financial situation must be proven and demonstrated to the IRS.

Tax Levy Removal – You have ignored the IRS long enough that they have begun to seize assets from you, either through your bank account, wage garnishment or physical seizure of assets.  Our tax specialists can halt the IRS process. We can protect your valuables

IRS Wage Garnishment – Wage garnishment is harsh method the IRS can deploy.  We can stop the wage garnishments and negotiate a favorable settlement with the state or IRS.

Outstanding Tax Return Filing – If you have outstanding returns in need of filing, our tax specialists can ensure they are filed appropriately with the IRS, while ensuring maximum deductions. Even if your missing important tax documents.

Audit Representation and Protection of Your Rights – If you have received an audit notification, Tax Relief Systems can represent you in the audit and make sure everything is presented in the correct way. Did you know audits can also be a benefit? Our tax specialist will review your tax filing to see if there is any other deductions you missed to potentially offset what the IRS discovers. Our tax specialists have many tactics in audits to ensure things go over smoothly.

If your experiencing any of these tax dilemmas or others not mentioned, please contact our Corpus Christi, TX office today and let us begin the process of right your ship.  We will relieve the stress of dealing with the IRS and North Carolina Department of Revenue. Any delay will only make matters worse in the end.  We are here to help.

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