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Tax Relief Durham

Have you been openly contacted by the IRS and pressured with garnishments or levies? Have you been notified you owe more than $10,000 in back taxes?  Or better yet, have you had an negative outcome in a case with the IRS recently?  Maybe you’re an innocent spouse and your being held accountable for someone else’s tax bill? Is your current tax bill more than you can possibly pay?

If you answered yes to these or have other pressing tax issues, then you need a team of Durham, NC tax specialists in your corner.  Where to start? What to do? First, contact Tax Relief Systems, in Durham, and let us get started protecting your rights.  You need a team that is highly experienced and know how to work with the IRS.   Garnishment, liens, levies, tax penalties and interest on back taxes, are very serious problems. You want and need Tax specialists that will listen to you, work with you, work with the IRS, and do everything they can to get you back in good standing.

Tax relief services are designed to assist taxpayers who have fallen behind on their tax payments or are already facing aggressive collection actions by the IRS or North Carolina Department of Revenue. If you owe money to the IRS or State, Tax Relief Systems can help you turn your situation around whether personal or business.

The IRS has one job and that is to collect tax bills and sometimes use one of their many intimidating tactics. A notice of garnishment or levy means that you are days away from the IRS seizing your bank account or taking your paycheck and leaving you with a small amount of money to cover your expenses. The IRS is not concerned if you can pay your other bills.  If this is your situation, then call immediately time is not on your side. Our Durham team will jump right on your case and help you to stop the tax collection action. Simple penalties and interest, on back taxes, even on a small tax bill can skyrocket in a very short time period.  Contact us immediately to find a solution to the increasing penalties and interest and prevent a much larger tax bill that will be more difficult to pay.

The IRS makes use of a variety of increasingly aggressive tactics to penalize and collect money they claim is owed, including:

  • Taking up to 80% of paychecks until debt is repaid.
  • Additional penalties that can sometimes amount to up to 25% of the total amount owed.
  • Levying bank accounts to take funds directly from checking, savings or even retirement accounts.
  • Charging interest on the amount owed, so that the debt increases every day that you don’t pay.
  • Fines up to $10,000 (in addition to other penalties) for more serious actions, such as tax evasion or a business’s failure to pay taxes withheld from employees’ paychecks.
  • Filing a federal tax lien against you or your business, effectively stopping you from being able to obtain financing of any kind.

Tax Relief Systems, in Durham, is here help you with an IRS appeal. If your previous tax outcome was not fair and equitable, we know how to appeal your case and will help you through the process. Why turn down help when it is only phone call away and get our skilled and knowledgeable team on your side.

From innocent spouse, offer in compromise, tax amnesty, or resolution of delinquent payroll taxes, our team of Durham tax specialists is ready to help.  Contact us today to get the IRS out of your life and stop the harassment. Procrastination does not take the problem away and only increases your stress.

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