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Tax Relief Lancaster

Frankly, have you made a mistake that you then tried to ignore and hope no one ever noticed?  Have you been notified that you made a mistake and you simply procrastinated dealing with it hoping it would go away? If you have then congratulations you are human.  Most humans would rather put off and ignore a problem and hope it goes away rather than deal with it head on.  The unfortunate thing about living in a place as beautiful as Lancaster, California is we humans tend to let things ride and not deal with them as soon as possible.  This mindset is detrimental when the federal and state governments are involved.  A $10,000 or greater tax notification bill from the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board is not something to be taken lightly.  The government wants their money and will take the measures they deem necessary to obtain it.  When you receive a notification as such then you are in dire need of tax relief.  The reason you received one of the notification in the first place is most like due to one of the following but the specifics are unique to your dilemma.

  • A tax miscalculation on your part has occurred and the amount due must be negotiated.
  • Unfiled tax returns have been discovered by the IRS and they are wanting their money.
  • There is a noticeable discrepancy between your calculations and that of the IRS, hence direct communication and negotiation is required.
  • Your case is unique and requires detailed consultation with our team of tax relief attorneys.

Tax immunity does not exist.  Everyone must pay taxes. The IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board can and will eventually find discrepancies and start collections.  These government departments were designed by Federal and State governments to specifically collect taxes considered owed by taxpaying citizens, businesses, and corporations.  Contact Tax Relief Systems immediately, before responding to any notification.  Negotiating with government entities on your own is not recommended and could set you up for failure.  You need a company that you can trust.  A company that will pay attention to your dilemma and explanation.  A company that will work for you and your benefit not the government’s.  At Tax Relief Systems for every Lancaster tax relief client, we will communicate on their behalf with the IRS.  Our ongoing daily communication and client representation with the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board has caused a strategic familiarity to develop allowing for the knowledge of the ins and outs of tax relief and resolution for taxpayers in Lancaster, CA.  Our know-how and unrivaled skill and experience will make certain every possible recourse will be examined and provided to every Lancaster taxpayer, who works with us.  You have a set of predestined rights under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights available to protect your hard-earned assets, which we will use as necessary to achieve the best possible resolution in the shortest amount of time.  We will always keep you informed of status and progress.  Start to finish our team will continue to advise and guide until your tax problem is completely resolved.

Each client or taxpayer, in need of tax relief, has a tax dilemma that is unique.  We recognize that this distinctiveness requires careful and thoughtful examination to facilitate the appropriate and optimal resolution. We have a complete understanding of tax laws and how they affect our clients, thus helping realize the predetermined resolution.  We have assembled a comprehensive list of Tax Relief Services focused on the issues facing Lancaster, CA residents and business owners.  The first meeting, between you and our team, is a free, no-obligation consultation.  From this meeting, we will design a tax relief plan uniquely personalized and positioned to meet your specific tax relief requirements. Our plans are created to protect every available dollar and ensure your taxpayer rights are upheld.

From innocent spouse relief and tax liens to unpaid taxes and filing unfiled tax returns, the Lancaster Tax Relief Systems team has you covered.  We will stand by your side from start to finish.  We will make sure your tax dilemma is resolved quickly and you receive the most positive outcome available.  Contact us today at (424)264-5854 for a free tax relief consultation.  No Obligation

In Addition to your Federal and California income tax, Tax Relief Systems are the tax experts when dealing with the California Board of Equalization (BOE) and Employment Development Department (EDD).

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