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Tax Relief Monroe LA

Tax Relief Monroe LA

It has been said there are two things in life you have to do, die and pay taxes. Well the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is definitely onboard with the paying taxes part. They are adamant that every taxpayer pays their calculated tax due on time and in full.   This is not always possible for Monroe taxpayers, or other US taxpayers as a matter of fact. Tax relief Monroe is a function and service of Tax Relief Systems whereby we work with taxpayers who owe substantial funds to the IRS or the Louisiana Department of Revenue. These agencies are tasked with the collection of taxes and following a strict process to do so. The majority of the contact will be via the US Mail and the formal notifications and communication they send to you.

The amount you owe is calculated either by the taxes you submitted but were not able to pay, a miscalculation by you or the agency, or the calculation by the agency due to non-submission. No matter the reason, the situation needs to be resolved and Tax Relief Systems is available to assist in finding a solution that fits your situation and is accepted by the agency involved. We are the leading provider for Monroe tax relief. Call Today! (920)770-3937

What are your Tax Relief Monroe LA options?

The choices for tax relief in Monroe span several choices and finding the one that fits your exclusive situation is our focus along with relieving the stress on you, your family, and your business. Your available choices are:

Release of Tax Levy – If you cannot pay the tax debt in full before the IRS is scheduled to seize your Monroe assets, you may be able to remove the tax levy anyway with proper tax resolution by setting up an installment plan with the IRS or by making other arrangements.

Tax Levy Removal – You can get the IRS to remove Notice of Federal Tax Lien, on your Monroe property and assets, if you can show that the IRS was in the wrong.

Innocent Spouse Relief – If the actions of your spouse caused the tax situation and you were unaware of or had no part in those actions, you can request tax resolution called “innocent spouse relief” and have the tax debt and penalties removed.

IRS Tax Discharge – In some very limited cases, delinquent taxes can be discharged through a bankruptcy. This is a special situation with very specific parameters.

Wage Garnishment – Wage garnishments are another form of tax levy, though the seizure of assets from your paycheck is an ongoing process. If the levy on your wages is removed through tax resolution, the wage garnishments will be stopped.

Tax Debt Payment Plan – A negotiation with the IRS to allow for payment of tax debt over time.

Offer in Compromise – This is a negotiated settlement of tax debt for substantially reduced amount.

These are all different choices available to solve your tax situation and give you the peace of mind deserved. Our tax relief experts, in Monroe, are ready to help. Call today our Monroe office (920)770-3937

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