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Tax Relief North Hollywood

Tax Relief North Hollywood

Can you think of a company you rely on for a specific service?  Do you have a plumbing company, an electrician, or even a mechanic?  A person or company that you depend on when you’re in need of a service, either emergency or periodic maintenance.   Everyone typically has one trusted resource for every issue that rises.  When the IRS or the California Franchise Tax Board sends a notification of a tax burden or dispute greater than $10,000, most people do not have anyone they can trust to properly guide them through the labyrinth of tax relief and resolution.   A trusted resource willing to listen to your issue and actively work with your best interests in mind.  At Tax Relief Systems, Inc., we interact with the IRS daily resulting in a complete understanding of the ins and outs of tax relief and resolution for North Hollywood, CA residents.  Our know-how guarantees that every possible recourse provided to North Hollywood taxpayers under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights will be accessible to help protect their hard-earned assets.  We promise to work to achieve the best possible outcome in a timely manner.  We will consistently communicate with you and make sure you understand the status of your case at any point in time.  We pride ourselves in our unsurpassed client communication.  Our team will maintain communication to advise and guide you until your tax issue is fully resolved.

We have developed a complete list of Tax Relief Services with the issues regularly faced by North Hollywood, CA residents and business owners.  Each tax issue is unique with a resolution determined by its surrounding circumstances.  Either way, the course of action your dispute requires we have the knowledge and understanding to see it through to resolution with an unequaled degree of efficiency.  Our representation guarantees the best available outcome, whether pursuing a penalty abatement, innocent or injured spouse relief, an IRS offer in compromise.  During your free, no-obligation consultation, we will design a tax relief plan exclusively tailored to meet your specific requirements and issue. Our plans are devised to protect every available dollar and safeguard your taxpayer rights.

From an IRS or State Tax Lien, or Garnishment, Tax Relief Systems can often reach a resolution through direct negotiation and settlement with the IRS. Qualified North Hollywood taxpayers may be eligible for an IRS offer in compromise, or a penalty abatement, settling the debt at a fraction of the original tax burden. The most important item to remember is if you have received a notice of tax audit, need to file back taxes, or face an IRS tax lien, don’t wait. Contact us today for a free consultation.  Procrastination is detrimental to a positive resolution.

One of the issues facing North Hollywood taxpayers is innocent spouse relief.  Some taxpayers are hit with a high tax burden of no fault of their own.  Innocent Spouse Relief can forgive tax liabilities incurred by a current or former spouse. In some cases, a joint return was filed and a portion of one spouse’s refund was applied towards another spouse’s liability.  Tax Relief Systems can assist in the recovery of assets by taking advantage of Injured Spouse Relief. Other taxpayers in North Hollywood require assistance in filling back taxes, a difficult and costly process, with enormous fees and penalties.  We work with you and your accountant, if you have one, to collect and file your delinquent returns, while securing your rights as a taxpayer. In other instances, tax issues appear as a tax lien.  The devastation and long-term financial impact is massive.  The typical IRS tax lien is attached to all assets, both current and future, while severely limiting credit accessibility. If your first thought is bankruptcy, then you might want to reconsider.  Bankruptcy does not always wipe out your tax debt or liens. We have many options at our disposal to address tax liens.  We can discuss these further in your free consultation to determine which one is viable in your situation.

Lastly, Filing Your Own Appeal to the IRS or California Franchise Tax Board is a Risky Proposition. The appeal process is often weeks or months and can be tremendously difficult to navigate without experience. A single mistake in a long series of required steps will result in the denial of your tax appeal.

If you live in North Hollywood, CA and in need of Tax Relief, please contact our amazing team and let us help you get back to a stress-free life.  A life free of IRS notices and visits placing undeserved anxiety in your life.  Contact us today at (424)264-5854

Moreover, when dealing with the California Board of Equalization (BOE) and Employment Development Department (EDD), Tax Relief Systems has the experience and knowledge to represent your interests and help you find an amicable resolution.