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Tax Relief Provo

Tax Relief Provo

As the third largest city in the state of Utah, Provo boasts it’s consistent top 10 ranking as the most desirable place to live, work, and play.  Provo’s easy mountain access for skiing and amazing national parks, easily helps it maintain this prestigious accolade.  Are you one of the lucky people to call Provo, UT home?  Yet, unfortunately owe a significant amount of money to the federal or state governments?  If yes, then you can now rest easy.  Tax Relief Systems, LLC can help with either the IRS or the State of Utah.  We can represent you, and reduce the amount you owe, from reducing or possibly eliminating your debt altogether.

Our team of tax attorneys and professionals are the best in the business in direct dealings with the IRS and do so daily. We know every nuance and situation required and who to contact to resolve your unique situation. Are you experiencing the ramifications of unpaid taxes such as: penalties and interest, IRS notices and formal letters, tax liens, tax levies, IRS wage garnishment, or IRS bank levy?  You can trust Provo, Utah’s experienced tax relief company.  We take the time to listen and understand your situation.  Give us a call or complete our short form and one of our tax professionals will talk to about your specific situation, and how we can possibly help get you the relief that you deserve.

What are the benefits of working with a Provo tax relief company?

Working with a proven tax relief company is first and foremost beneficial due to the information, knowledge, and experience a tax attorney possess as opposed to attempting to resolve yourself.  We believe the reduction in stress is a good enough reason to get help, do you agree?  Consider this, the IRS has hired hundreds of tax officers to aid in the collection of past due taxes, follow up on unfiled tax returns, and locate tax evaders, thus increasing the odds of the average citizen being the subject of an audit. IRS audits are extremely stressful.  A tax relief specialist, both experienced and highly trained, can reduce the negative effects as a result of an IRS decision.  We will seek to protect your rights, make sure you are treated fairly, and get you the best solution available.  Taking the step to hire Tax Relief Systems to assist, with your audit and other IRS negotiations, will increase your overall chances of a positive resolution. If you have already received an IRS notification or letter informing you of a large amount above $10,000 due, then contact Tax Relief Systems right away. Time is not on your side.

Once you the call is made to our Tax Relief team, in Provo, we will begin the process of examining your case.  A thorough examination involves evaluating all communications and notifications between you and the IRS, or the state. We will then take the next step, which is to layout your available options, which can include one of the following:

  • Tax Court Representation
  • Penalty and Interest Abatement
  • Offers in Compromise
  • Tax Levies, Garnishment and Seizures
  • Independent Contractor Determinations
  • Non-filer Representation
  • Jeopardy Assessments
  • Employment/payroll tax representation
  • Installment Payment Plans
  • IRS Appeals Hearings
  • Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  • Audit Representation
  • Discharge of Taxes in Bankruptcy
  • Innocent Spouse Representation
  • Estate Tax Audits

Please do not let anyone lead you awry.  Every tax relief situation is different; therefore, we can’t promise any specific outcome or amount saved, however, we can promise is satisfaction with our work, service, and outcome.

Now it’s time to end your stress and worry.  Let Tax Relief Systems, LLC end your tax problem today.  We are here to help and to put you back on the road to a life free of tax problems.

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