Tax Relief South Carolina

Not long ago, we received a call from a man that was getting intimidating notices of a $43,125 bill from the IRS.  He tried unproductively to resolve the situation alone, but the IRS opposed resolution due to what they considered non-tax compliance. He had unpaid taxes, according to the IRS, from unpaid balances for the years 2003, 2004, 2008, 2011, and 2012. Furthermore, the IRS new he had lottery winnings, for which he was not aware that it was enough to file.  Are you vulnerable to a similar situation or is could your situation be worse?  If so, contact Tax Relief Systems today.  We can help.  South Carolina taxpayers need help against the unforgiving tactics of the IRS.

The South Carolina state income tax rate averages 7%. The high South Carolina state income tax percentage combined with the Federal Income Tax rate, increases the probability of a resident or business making a tax mistake and suffering stressful and seemingly irreversible damage from IRS audits and unrelenting harassment.  Typically, due to the inability to pay. Even the most upstanding South Carolina taxpayers will eventually make a mistake. South Carolina residents or business owners, who have experienced an IRS audit, comprehend how disturbing an audit is. The stress reaches a level that is almost unbearable.  Non-assistance and alone, a negative destructive outcome increases daily, which has a harmful effect on family and business. If you are unprepared for the communication and meetings with the IRS, then your setting yourself up and starting from a disadvantaged position.  Mistakes are expensive with negative consequences that are far-reaching.   Whether you’re at the outset of your IRS misadventure or in the middle, please contact Tax Relief Systems, LLC.  The faster we can begin working, the better the chances of a constructive outcome.

South Carolina taxpayers undergoing the stress of terrible tax problems can find solace in hiring professional tax relief services.  Tax relief has benefits that go beyond explanation.  Just removing the stress and worry is worth its weight in gold.   Not having to face the IRS alone is comforting and confidence building.   The tax relief professionals, at Tax Relief Systems, will take your hand and review your case top to bottom.  We review all correspondence between you and the IRS to ascertain the exact facts of your case.  Your options will be presented in a simple, easy to understand format. The ideal choice for you may not be the same for another taxpayer.  Our systems are designed to provide the clarity and peace of mind needed to face your situation head on.

If you’re like most South Carolina taxpayers facing IRS irritation, you are worried of their next move.  The fear your feeling is reverberating from uncertainty of the future and what option you have to escape.  Tax Relief Systems, as your support team, will prepare and support you while being by your side when you meet with an IRS representative.  Before the meeting, you will be confident and stress free because you have the best team available.

You’re an American taxpayer and you have rights. We will review your rights with you and make sure you understand each one.  Ignorance of your rights places you at a very big disadvantage in IRS negotiations.  Do not be deceived, the IRS is not on your side no matter how much they pretend to be.  Their job is to collect all money they deem is owed.  They may take advantage of your lack of knowledge and not fully disclose all your rights.  They feel it’s your responsibility to educate yourself about in regards to the possible outcomes and your rights.  We will make sure your represented and every right is defended.  Ignorance will hurt you in IRS negotiations.

These are just a few of the many benefits of working with Tax Relief Systems and why it is important to work with us.  Our professionals will gather the facts and work with you every step of the way. You will not go into the meeting with the IRS alone, but you will confident and less likely to make poor decisions. You will be prepared, know what to expect, and know your rights!  You’ll feel better about your future.

Tax Relief Systems will help you with quality tax consultation, expert advice, and the skilled guidance you need to get through IRS or South Carolina collection procedures. Our service is designed to save time, money and relieve your stress from unpaid taxes.  Do not procrastinate! Interest and penalties will continue to mount daily, thus the sooner you can get things resolved, the better. Tax Relief Systems has helped many South Carolina taxpayers to navigate the multilayered tax system and find the right solution for their unique tax problems.  Our team of professionals would be honored by the opportunity to assist you.  Please call us to learn more or fill out our online form to get the professional help you need.

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