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Tax Relief Two Harbors CA

Tax Relief Two Harbors CA

Have you thought about the stress and anxiety you would be under if you had unpaid taxes or tax debt you could not possibly pay? Wait, you are already in this situation. For many taxpayers in Two Harbors California, that is the exact situation. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) mission, as designated by the government of the United States, is to help compliant taxpayers with the tax law, while ensuring that the minority who are unwilling to comply pay their fair share. That last portion seems a little assuming considering good taxpayers often get caught up in bad situations in life that require help. Tax relief Two Harbors is readily available if you just make the call. (424)264-5854
Two Harbors Tax Relief wraps its protection around a plethora of situations, each with their own unique solution designed specifically for you. Unfiled tax returns? Did you make a filing mistake? Or is it another type of situation? Tax Relief Systems can help. Our team of experts, in Two Harbors, are highly-experienced and trained in the inner mechanisms of the IRS, as a result of years of communication and interaction. We understand how the IRS approaches each situation and will assist in finding you an ideal tax resolution. Your interaction with IRS perhaps started, like most, with a notification arriving in your Two Harbors mailbox. The notification is typically formal and seems very normal until you get to the part that you owe more than $10,000. If you’re like most, this surprised you and a little anxiety set in. You’re not alone. Many Two Harbors taxpayers receive these notifications and set them aside hoping it just goes away. The IRS will not just go away. A piece of advice do not procrastinate and please do not speak and negotiate with the IRS alone. The IRS is singularly focused on collecting money deemed owed from their calculations, without taking into consideration your exclusive situation. The IRS will use tactics, including intimidation, to collect funds deemed owed. As stated, you’re not alone. If you call our Two Harbors tax relief team at (204)803-5118, we can get started immediately on your situation.

What are your Tax Relief Two Harbors CA options?

The choices for tax relief in Two Harbors are many and finding the one that fits your exclusive situation is our singular focus along with relieving the stress on you, your family, and your business. The choices available include:

  • Release of Tax Levy – If you cannot pay the tax debt in full before the IRS is scheduled to seize your Two Harbors assets, you may be able to remove the tax levy anyway with proper tax resolution by setting up an installment plan with the IRS or by making other arrangements.
  • Tax Levy Removal - You can get the IRS to remove Notice of Federal Tax Lien, on your Two Harbors property and assets, if you can show that the IRS was in the wrong.
  • Innocent Spouse Relief - If the actions of your spouse caused the tax situation and you were unaware of or had no part in those actions, you can request tax resolution called “innocent spouse relief” and have the tax debt and penalties removed.
  • IRS Tax Discharge - In some very limited cases, delinquent taxes can be discharged through a bankruptcy. This is a special situation with very specific parameters.
  • Wage Garnishment - Wage garnishments are another form of tax levy, though the seizure of assets from your paycheck is an ongoing process. If the levy on your wages is removed through tax resolution, the wage garnishments will be stopped.
  • Tax Debt Payment Plan – A negotiation with the IRS to allow for payment of tax debt over time.
  • Offer in Compromise – This is a negotiated settlement of tax debt for substantially reduced amount.
These are all different choices available to solve your tax situation and give you the peace of mind deserved. Our tax relief experts, in Two Harbors, are ready to help. Call today our Two Harbors team at (424)264-5854

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