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Tax Relief Wisconsin

Tax Relief Wisconsin

Wisconsin has earned the title “America’s Dairyland” through its incredible production of dairy products.  Wisconsin, also, is second only to Michigan, in the length of its Great Lakes coastline.  As amazing as Wisconsin is, it does have a noticeable state income tax rate. The Wisconsin state income tax rate currently ranges from 4% to 7.65% and varies over 4 income brackets.  Besides the state income tax due date of April 15th, Wisconsin has many of the same tax issues as the Federal Government. Therefore, you can be sure the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is just as relentless as the IRS.

What do you do if you find you or your company in dire straits with the Internal Revenue Service or the Wisconsin Department of Revenue?  Do you owe more than $10,000 or have you neglected paying your taxes for several years?  Call the experts at Tax Relief Systems and begin putting yourself back on the right path.  We are experienced in every possible Federal or Wisconsin tax situation.  We can help you obtain the tax relief you deserve.  Tax relief can take many forms depending on the specific situation, thus the available options are situationally dependent.

Do not let anyone tell you that the situation is hopeless, not even the little voice in your head. Tax Relief Systems has helped thousands of clients obtain successful resolutions to their tax issues.  Some much bigger than what you can imagine.  You might be facing one or more of these issues: unpaid taxes, penalties and interest, IRS notices, tax lien, tax levy, IRS wage garnishment, or IRS bank levy. No matter your issue, the main detriment to your case is the delay in getting help.  If you try to handle it yourself or procrastinate hoping it will just go away, you will pay more would have originally.  A positive solution to a tax issue starts with knowing your rights.  The IRS is not concerned about protecting your rights. You need the experience of a trained tax relief expert to ensure you are protected fully by the rights afforded by the law.

At this point, you’re probably wondering “What are some of the ways you can help me?”

  • Tax liability interpretation
  • IRS error, abuse, and intimidation protection
  • Legal compliance restoration
  • File an amended tax return
  • Deal with an IRS lien or levy and help to get them released
  • Help settle and resolve your tax issue through programs set up to help you
  • Set up a properly structured payment plan limiting future penalties

Reduce your stress now! Call our Wisconsin team or complete our online form for your free consultation.  Tax Relief Systems is dedicated to your success and helping you settle and resolve your IRS tax problems once and for all.

Do not forget, the IRS is hiring new agents for added protection and issue resolution. That means there are more agents available to collect the taxes the IRS deems is owed. Protect yourself and hire Tax Relief Systems today!

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