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Interested in tax relief specialists in Los Angeles, CA? Below are some testimonials of our clients. We help with wage garnishment, tax problems and more. Contact us for help today.

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by Amy Singleton on Tax Relief Systems
These Guys are For Real!!

Tax Relief Systems is for real ! My husband and I are long distance truck drivers , recieved a FTB levy in the amount of $30,000 . Went on line found out their main headquarters in Los Angeles , and took a chance with them . A guy name Joseph assured me that I would be fine . They made it very easy to hire them with their terms . And to my surprise he call the FTB the next morning got all money back , and got us time to file all our back tax returns . Turn over the case to attorney name Gloria Chon Esq, and she file 6 years of tax returns we went from owing $70, 643.18 to the IRS & FTB to getting a refund of $28,635.00. These guys for real and very nice to work work with .Amy and John Bakersfield ,CA

by Brad Nevill on Tax Relief Systems
Totally Legit Company

I started with TRS about 3 years ago. I was a little concerned about their location. It was no time I realized I was dealing with a company that new all Texas laws IRS laws better than any tax company in Texas or anywhere. Not only good day save me a ton of money they were johnny-on-the-spot with information to save me money. I checked with other tax companies in Texas they did not come close to the price or the job their return for me was within a thousand to $1,500 less than what TRS got me. And believe me an extra $1,500 on my income tax return came in mighty handy. I'm Texas born San Antonio Texas live Texas all my life. But come to my income tax TRS will be doing it from now on. And Texas a man's word is his bond. And you got my word TRS what do you a good job. Brad nevill

by Lisa W. on Tax Relief Systems
Thank you Tax Relief Systems

I cannot say enough about Joseph and his team. I had some back taxes that I had not done. I did not owe money but just had put them on the back burner for too long. He and his team were very fair in their fees. They do not gauge people and they go out of their way to work with you and help you get your tax affairs in order. I HIGHLY recommend Tax Relief Systems. In fact, they were so good, I used them for my daughter's taxes as well. Thank you for your diligence and help in resolving my tax issues

by Paul Rivera on Tax Relief Systems
Great customer service

Great customer service. Quick response. Recommended for IRS relief...

by Paul Montgomery on Tax Relief Systems
Great Tax Firm Ever!

Tax Relief Systems is everything the reviews say and more!! I really call a lot of companies out there and found Tax Relief Systems to be the right choice. And boy am I glad I did . They filed all back taxes , and went from owing the IRS to getting refunds for the last 3 years . Very happy with their services . Really friendly people to do business with .ThanksPaul M.

by Steven White on Tax Relief Systems
The Real Deal!

This company is truly a life saver for me !! They helped file all my back taxes , stop the wage garnishment the same day I hired them . Reduced my debt from $210 358.28 down to $8,500 and even got me time to pay that off . I highly recommend Tax Relief Systems for anyone looking for a real genuine company . Real friendly folks too.

Steven White Valencia , Ca.

by Michael Ferrigno on Tax Relief Systems
Fresh Start Because of Tax Relief Systems Help!

I contacted Joseph At Tax Relief Systems because the state had levied my bank account and cleared me out. I hadn't filed taxes in over 10 years and owed both the IRS and state over 150k in back taxes. Within days the levy was lifted off my bank account and the money was returned. John Ko who handled my case is amazing, he got all my back taxes filed for both IRS and State. He got me in a non collectible status so I didn't have to worry about another bank levy or wage garnishment while he negotiated a settlement for me. In the end he settled over 150k in tax debt for $4609. I would recommend these guys to anyone who owes money in back taxes or needs taxes filed. They are very professional, understanding and bottom line they know how to get it done and keep you protected and well informed throughout the process. Thank you Tax Relief Systems, Joseph and John Ko for giving me peace of mind and putting me back on track with my finances

by Cyndi Piddington on Tax Relief Systems
The best customer service Ever!!

The best customer service Ever!! The nicest, most professional, helpful people!!They treat you like family. I can't express enough how they took a big, scary tax nightmare for us, and made it into a manageable situation. What a relief! Life changing for our family. Thank you Tax Relief Systems L.L.C.!!

by Larry Montgomery on Tax Relief Systems
Tax Relief Systems saved my day!

Tax Relief Systems is great !! They are very pleasant to work with . Always returns phone calls right away . So glad that I found a truely Legit company out there . Reduce my debt from $140,338 down to $3,500 . Can't thank them enough .

Larry M. Miami Lakes , FL

by Bruce Lyon on Tax Relief Systems
THank You Tax Relief Systems for all your help!

I highly recommend Tax Relief Systems LLC , I search around the internet and finely found Tax Relief Systems to be legit !! These guys are for real . Really nice to do business with them . They take action right away filed all my back taxes, reduced my debt to the IRS and FTB , And even gave me time to pay for their services . Not like other companies I called .
Thanks to Joseph , Richard and Phyllis great to work with real good people like you guys , and your legal team is above all the rest ..


Bruce Lyons

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