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Testimonials- Tax Relief Specialists in Los Angeles, CA

Interested in tax relief specialists in Los Angeles, CA? Below are some testimonials of our clients. We help with wage garnishment, tax problems and more. Contact us for help today.

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Tax Relief Systems
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by Mario Lopez on Tax Relief Systems

I would like to thank Joe, Jeff, nd all the staff for being there helping me with my situation amazing people staff very professional always willing to work to resolve my situation and achieved it.  I’m very thankful and blessed to have such a support network on my side thank you again, on a business level and also on a personal level, amazing people thank you . On a scale of 1-10, they are a 100 for taking care of you and making sure your worry free blessed ... recommend them 100% give them a 10 star rating

by Cathy Smith on Tax Relief Systems
Awsomes Company

Let me start off saying that Tax Relief Systems is awesome !! I did my research before I hired them .
1,) Their better business bureau report shows the business with an A + Plus rating , 9 years in business zero complaints . Unheard of in this line on of business .
2.) Business Consumer Allaince AAA Rating 9 years in business .
3.) And the brain child / founder of Tax Relief Systems Joe Benfatti with 20 years in IRS and State resolution .
This company checks all 3 boxes . Guess what ? They are as legit as it comes .
That's why I agree to do this review once my case was finished . I will always be greatful for all their hard work .

They saved me a lot of money on my back taxes and a lot of heartache trying to do this myself ..

Thanks Again

Cathy Smith Chicago , IL

by Sharon B on Tax Relief Systems
Saved My Day

I would like to thank Joe Benfatti and Tax Relief Systems for all their help. Had 6 years of back taxes that need to be filed , and a wage garnishment from the FTB and the IRS .
Joe Benfatti listened to my story and assured me that my levies would be removed immediately .
He got FTB on the phone, they all seem to know him and he was able to stop my garnishment and the account was place on hold until I filed all my returns . Same thing with the IRS, he was relentless once again, they also gave in removed my levy and ordered up my transcripts to get a jump on filing all my back taxes .
They saved thousands of dollars on my back taxes and set up affordable repayment plan that I can afford .

Thanks Again

Sharon B , Escondido, CA

by Ronald Maze on Tax Relief Systems
Awesome Company

Tax Relief Systems is awesome. They took action right away to lower my taxes and gave me a fresh start .
Thanks Again

Ronald M, Rancho Cucamonga , CA

by Shelley Davis on Tax Relief Systems
Just Love This Company

Joe Benfatti and you're legal team, Gloria Chun Esq, these guys are rentless when it comes to IRS and State representation. Very professional and returns phone calls quickly day or night .
Glad I hired them !

Shelley D , Desert Hot Springs

by John Burnette on Tax Relief Systems
HugH Savings Thank You Guys

This company helped me at the last minute to file my last 3 years , they are very friendly and professional . I am glad I hired Joe. He is super nice guy.Knows his stuff . I actually have money coming back !!

J.B, Joshua Tree

by Ted Glenn on Tax Relief Systems

Glad, I Hired Tax Relief Systems !! . I am a general contractor, and all my accounts receivables were levied . All the attorneys, I call near by where I live wanted a lot of money upfront . I owe thr FTB 85,000.00 and the IRS 350,000,00 things were a little tight for a while . Tax Relief Systems findly released the levies and worked out an arrangement with FTB and IRS that I can Afford . I feel like I got my life back thanks to Joe Benfatti aand his team of experts.

Thanks Again , My Friend Frank , He Is Calling You Guys Saturday ,

Ted Glenn, San Diego

by Joseph White on Tax Relief Systems
Great Company

Tax Relief Systems is a great company , and their tax attorney's and enrolled agents are the best !  They did all the work upfront and even gave me time to pay for their services . Not like the other company's I called, all have a discovery fee and more fees always follow . Tax Relief Systems saved me thousand on my back taxes and now I can sleep at night.

Joe W

by Mike Diamond on Tax Relief Systems
Great Company

I want to thank Joe Benfatti and his legal team that help me out a big jam with the IRS. They always return phone calls and settled my taxes for a faction of what I owed .

Thanks Again

Mike D. Chicago IL

by Brad on Tax Relief Systems
Excellent and honest

I hope I am doing this correctly? Tax relief systems has saved me a extremely large amount of money. IRS was fixing to take my bank account my property and garnish any wages and Income. I can honestly say they did miracles for me. Do not listen to the sales pitch of other tax companies.

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