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Testimonials- Tax Relief Specialists in Los Angeles, CA

Interested in tax relief specialists in Los Angeles, CA? Below are some testimonials of our clients. We help with wage garnishment, tax problems and more. Contact us for help today.

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by Gary Jenkins on Tax Relief Systems
These Guys Went The Extra Mile To Help Me Out !

Glad I hired these guys , they went the extra mile !! Stop the FTB and IRS from garnishing my wages . Filed all my back taxes and reduced what I owed by thousands of dollars . Highly recommend their services . The headquarters is in San Pedro , Ca . The best decision I could of made .Gary J. Elk Grove, Ca.

by Shelley Cramer on Tax Relief Systems
Thank You Tax Relief Systems

Want to thank Tax Relief Systems for all their help . Made it easy to hire them , answered my phone calls right away and finish my case before I done paying for their services . Not like the local tax attorneys I called in Elk Grove , a lot of them charge a consultation fee , not the Tax Relief Systems , their consultation was FREE !! And fee's were more reasonable ,and can be paid over time. Saved me thousands in back taxes .Thanks AgainShelley C. Elk Grove , Ca.

by Sarah White on Tax Relief Systems
Thank You Joseph !!

These guys are incredible , has a issue from a previous marriage . Has no idea I would be left holding the bag. I am a interior designer and my ex was a building contractor . Only be our here for a couple of years and the next thing, I know the FTB cleaned out my bank account . Called Tax Relief Relief Systems and spoke to a guy name Joseph and right away he made me feel comfortable . Long story short, I hired his firm , we call the FTB and found out my ex husband had not filed in the 6 years owed $18,000 to the FTB . Joseph went into action , and explain my situation , Release all my funds from the bank that morning and his attorney Gloria Chon filed a innocent spouse and cleaned me of all the taxes state and federal . These guys are truly my life savers .

Sarah White , Palm Desert

by Lance Rochester on Tax Relief Systems
Helping Hand

Joseph and I introduced, and he and his company went to work I always felt confident and that advise was just an phone call away. Prompt and friendly I appreciate these folks very much . Thank you again lance

by Glenn Clark on Tax Relief Systems
Save My Life !!

These guys are full real !! I took a chance with them and boy am I glad I did !
Was $175,358 behind with the FTB and IRS . All my accounts where being levied . The guy Joe I spoke and Attorney Gloria Chon had all my accounts freed up in 30 days , and filed all my back taxes , and got my debt down to $48,048.34 where I can pay that off in 2 years . SAVE ME OVER $125.000 !!! I love these guys . That's why I am doing this review .
Glen Clark , Palm Desert ,CA

by David White on Tax Relief Systems
Great Company

Glad I hired Tax Relief Systems from the very start I felt like I finally found people and a company that really cared . The price was very fair and the work and help they gave me was very exceptional !! Can't thank them enough for all their help .David White, Houston Texas

by James Rome on Tax Relief Systems
These guys are legit!!

This guys are great , Glad I hired them . Reduce my debt , and even gave me time to pay for their services . Totally Legit !!James R. Kiel , Wi

by Mike Silver on Tax Relief Systems
Thank You Guys

They did a great job filing all my back tax returns , and settling my past tax debt fast & easy . Really great at returning phone calls right away. Could not be more happy with there services. Highly recommend them . These guys went the extra mile to help me out. And that's why I am writing this review . They helped a lot of my friends in the LGBT community ..
Mike S. Palm Springs

by William Black on Tax Relief Systems
Great Tax Firm !!

Tax Relief Systems is for real , help me way out here from there Los Angeles headquarters . And settle my IRS debt for a fraction of what I owed . Thank you Joseph , Richard Phyllis , And Their Attorney Gloria Chon . These guys are for real real !!
William Black Greenville, SC

by Alan Block on Tax Relief Systems
Saved My Day!

Tax Relief Systems Saved My Day! These guys are great . Filed all my back tax returns and went from owing the IRS and State to getting a big fat tax return back .Highly recommend their services .Alan Block , Cleveland , Ohio

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