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Testimonials- Tax Relief Specialists in Los Angeles, CA

Interested in tax relief specialists in Los Angeles, CA? Below are some testimonials of our clients. We help with wage garnishment, tax problems and more. Contact us for help today.

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Tax Relief Systems
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by Billy Jones on Tax Relief Systems
These guys are legit !!

Search the internet to find a company that would woke with me . Most company's out there had a discover investagation fee , and then more fees to follow depending on how much I owed . Not Tax Relief Systems Joseph took me through a interview and right away, took action on my case stoping the IRS and FTB from taking my wages . Filed all my back tax returns , and I went from owing them to getting a big fat refund . Can't enough good stuff abot them . Thier tax attorneys and enrolled agents are nice to work with as well as the whole staff in thier San Pedro Headquarters . Glad I hired them!!

Thanks Again

Billy J , Port of Los Angeles Doc Worker

P.S. They even gave me time to pay for thier services .

by Cindy Smith on Tax Relief Systems
5 Plus Stars !!!

Good customer services , and great rates . Settled fast & Easy . Really love the fact throughout the whole process Joe Benfatti kept me informed from start to finish.

Highly Recommend Thier Services

Cindy , Alanta Georgia

by Jerry Rogers on Tax Relief Systems
Jose Benfatt and Tax Relief Systems Saved My Day!

Joe Benfatti and Tax Relief Systems help me out of a big jam with the IRS and State . I had unfiled tax returns was being garnishment form the IRS and search the internet to find a company to help me out wasn't easy . Until I found Tax Relief Systems and Joe Benfatti . He immediately made me fell comfortable and took action right away the following day he called the IRS stop my garnishment with the IRS , and ordered up my transcripts turned my case over Choria Chon his tax attorney . She is really great and very detailed , does not miss a step in the process getting filed in 30 days . Reduced my debt and a got me back track with my taxes and my life .

I can't thank them enough .

Jerry Rogers New York , Ny

by Bruce Lyons on Tax Relief Systems
Legit Company !!

Tax Relief Systems is for real a great team of tax attorneys and enrolled agents . They stop the IRS from garnishing my wages , filed all my back taxes reduce what i owed to the IRS and got me a real fresh start . Not like these other pie in the sky tax firms that advertise on TV and Radio. I called a few of those companies and they turned out to be high pressure call centers . Not Tax Relief Systems Joseph Benfatti made me feel comfortable he basically under promise his services and over delivered .
And boy did he Deliver !! I went from owing $165,832.58 to $15,200 . I can handle that . All back tax returns file , reduced my debt all this way before I finish paying for their services .
That's way I am writing this review , more people like me need to know that they can trust Tax Relief Systems ,Joseph Benfatti and his team of professionals.

Bruce L Mesa , AZ

by Sandra Davis on Tax Relief Systems
Tax Relief Systems is the best!!

Can't thank them enough , from thier customer services to thier tax resoultion team . They out gun any other tax firm I spoke to prior to hiring them . Saved me thousnads on my back taxes. Highly recommend them!!

Sandra Davis , Stanton Island

by Sheila Banks on Tax Relief Systems
Thank You Tax Relief Systems

This company is my lifesaver they went the extra mile . Joseph is great Staff.. Settled my taxes fast and easy . I highly recommend them.

Thanks again Joseph , Phyllis and Rick.

Shelia B. Indian Wells, Ca

by Jeff Black on Tax Relief Systems
Joseph is amazing

These guys are amazing !! Best customer service on the planet ....

Help me out of a big Jam !! The IRS and FTB had levied all my accounts receivable . Joseph assured me that everything would be ok. I hired them right away the next day at 7:30 am called the FTB with me on the phone and put them on notice that he was representing me and my salon . Next 8:00 am round around Joseph sat on hold waiting for a 1/12 hour for the IRS to pick up . Same thing this guy know the tax codes inside and out . He and his tax team are amazing .

Thank You Again

by Erica Estrada on Tax Relief Systems
Joseph Is Awesome !!

Joseph is awesome! He was able to get rid of my husband's garnishment in one day! He worked all day with my husband and was very proactive with the IRS. He allows payment plans and we were able to get all documents emailed, scanned in a few minutes! We cannot wait to see what more he will help us with!

by Melanie Tanner on Tax Relief Systems
Tax Relief Systems Saved me big Time!!

There are 3 letters no one ever wants to hear .. IRS. This week i got my turn with them and let me be very honest i was stressed out! I faced wage levy and was really getting hit from federal, state and student loans. The IRS wanted to hold 70% of my pay for federal only, state and student loan debt would be additional garnishment. I was so sick, panic mode kicked in. All i could think was my 3 kids and i would be homeless, my daughters in a wheelchair and her needs are not cheap, my family wasnt going to make it if i didnt get help now! My coworker gave me the number to tax relief, so i called and immediately was talked down from the edge. The entire team assured me there is hope and they will help me. That night Joseph called me and we went over my next steps and the whole time he kept assuring me it will be ok. The next morning, right on time, we called the IRS and lets just say in 15 minutes he stopped the levy and started fixing my tax issues. I could not believe how calm, professional and knowledgable he was on the phone with the same people who the day before gave me a hard time and told me NO HELP! The rep kept me on the phone for an hour repeating herself and showed no compassion for my siuation. Now here i was calling with my tax professional and they had no choice but to hear us out and work with my situarion. I am so happy i called tax relief they truly do work with you and fight for our rights as tax payers. Thank you and God bless the amazing team

by Jimmy Davis on Tax Relief Systems
Great Tax Firm !! They are for real..

Thank you Tax Relief Systems & Joseph the V.P of Operations . Took care of my State and IRS Debt . Finish my case in 6-8 weeks and even gave me time to pay for there service . Not like the other companies I called . I highly recommend calling them .

J. Davis Baton Rouge , La

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