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Wage Garnishment Los Angeles

Wage Garnishment Los Angeles –  Wage Garnishment by the IRS

Have Your Wages Been Garnished at Your Place of Employment, Los Angeles, CA?

Los Angeles, CA is an amazingly beautiful city with a ton of exotic places but making enough money to cover your bills is difficult.  What occurs when you owe money to the IRS or California Franchise Board and they decide to garnish your wages?

Wage garnishment is an instrument, commonly used by the IRS to legally recover tax money they deem owed, other entities can utilize it as well if applicable.  The IRS utilizes a court order requiring your employer to withhold a precise portion of your paycheck and send it directly to the IRS, creditor, or person to whom you owe money until your debt is resolved.

Examples of possible sources are child support, consumer debts, and student loans.  However, the IRS uses the tool to recover tax money deem owed and garnish your wages until the debt is paid off or otherwise resolved.

For our purposes, we will focus on wage garnishment by the IRS for unpaid taxes.

When you have an outstanding tax bill, the IRS has several alternatives or tools they can use.  One of these is wage garnishment.

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You Have Rights When Your Wages are Garnished – Los Angeles

Yes, you do have legal rights.  Your rights include having your side heard, caps on how much can be taken, and the steps needed to reduce the negative effects.  We want you to bounce back quickly.

Remarkably, wage garnishment happens more often than you think.  On average, 7.2% of all employees have their wages garnished at any given time.

The IRS and the court will send notices to you and your bank or employer, with notification of the start date of the garnishment.

How much can legally be taken out during a wage garnishment?

In Los Angeles and other areas, there are federal limits surrounding the amount that can be taken.  The amount is determined by the amount of disposable income.  Disposable income to you is different than the IRS.  Their numbers are based on the net amount after taxes and social security.  Typically, up to 15%. The Internal Revenue Service determines the amount to be taken based on standard deductions and your number of dependents.

What Can You Do About Wage Garnishment?

As mentioned, you have rights, in Los Angeles, in the wage garnishment process.  However, the responsibility falls on you to be cognizant of your rights.

  • You must be legally notified of the garnishment.
  • If information is inaccurate or you believe you do not owe the debt, you can file a dispute.
  • Social Security and Veteran Benefits are exempt from wage garnishment, but they are not protected from seizure once in your bank account.
  • A wage garnishment is not grounds for termination. However, multiple garnishments are not protected.
  • You can challenge the wage garnishment if it was made in error or it causes you undue financial harm.

These are your rights and when you receive a notification, call the Tax Relief Systems Los Angeles office for help immediately.  Time is not on your side. (424) 264-5854

The Tax Relief Systems Los Angeles team is here to assist in all tax-related issues including wage garnishment.  We understand everyone goes through a tough time and you need someone on your side.

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